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I made so many non-carnivore recipes in the last 13+ years, it’s “good” I have off days and a high-carber SO… I don’t use most of them though. I wasted so much time on them :frowning:

But sometimes I just change my old recipe :slight_smile: Like the stews, it turned out we can use a fragment of the normal onion amount (and in the case of egg stew, sour cream replaces tomato puree) - but we probably never used much. I saw recipes, it seems many people make a stew with more vegs than meat! And Hungarian stews so usually no potatoes or other high-carb plants galore (I only know Goulash as such a stew/soup), just onion, tomato and pepper. We never used the latter two but they are commonly used.
I totally could do (relaxed) carnivore stews, I just swap the onion with some organ meat, that should work. Of course I keep all the paprika but it’s much. I saw a recipe for “Hungarian stew”, not from a Hungarian, probably, it used 8 times as much paprika as it’s good, maybe it was for very weak paprika…? We use a lot, really, but not nearly as much, it would ruin the dish.

I never made it without onions yet but the chicken liver and heart stew is very, very good, no wonder it’s a traditional dish. Soft liver, slightly chewy hearts, the latter being the bigger amount… Wonderful.
Tripe stew, on the other hand isn’t something I would want to try, no matter how very traditional and popular it is… I strongly prefer meat.

Soups are way easier, meat, possibly bones, water, salt, that’s it.
My SO doesn’t eat those, he needs vegs. It was interesting when we didn’t eat meat and I made veggie soups for both of us… Keto doesn’t allow much vegs (my keto, my definition of much) so I had to keep the amount low but high enough for him not to rebel… Dumplings are easy to make keto, they could help.
Now I would have an easier time, meat adds lots of flavor - but alas, a veggie-meat dish doesn’t suit my carnivore. So that is for off days when I am even willing to eat vegs, otherwise he eats his veggie soups and I eat my meat soups (with poached eggs, quite often).

If I ever made a huge meat soup (so I don’t want to eat it all up in 1-2 days), I could add vegs later for him I suppose… But why bother, even we don’t need soups so often anymore. It is traditional to have it every day and I had it in my first decades but it was too much unnecessary work to make some unsatiating though super palatable dish…
He can cook his own veggie soups on open fire using 2-3 hours of work… :smiley: Just cutting the vegs takes ages.
I make my meat soups with 2 minutes of work and they are even satiating a bit…
I can complicate carnivore cooking but not in the case of most meat dishes.

Stews are good as vegs aren’t needed to cook in, we both can eat them.

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The one place hubs and I can come together is cheese sauce. I like my food “wet” and yes, miss the gravies and thickened sauces, but a nice pool of butter, cream and melted cheese is nothing to sneer at!

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that sounds so delicious man!!! I really need to start utilizing my crockpot more! lol thanks for the great idea :slight_smile:

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mmmmm cheese sauce LOL w/ pork rinds! lol


I only made cheese sauce once and no one made any for me but it’s fine. Still sounds nice, all ingredients are ones I love but keeping it in the right consistence sounds a chore. I am glad if I manage to melt the cheese on top of my scrambled eggs :smiley: I usually don’t need even that. Cheese is lovely in any form.

I make egg sauces if any, obviously :wink: If you ask something about my diet, the answer is very often eggs. And raw yolks are creamy and nutritious, make good sauces. I use them for too lean or dry meats (they can go to the purgatory with the eggs too but that’s not carnivore so not my first choice).

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Now your talkin!

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I’d have to say I feel the same, pretty uneasy about the fact that if you add a couple of wrong foods and are not in ketosis you’re going to get huge off this diet. I know a girl who was “half doing” keto , not knowing what she was doing and would have been eating a high fat, high carb, high calorie diet. I think it is what most people do that say that keto does not work for them.

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You are absolutely correct. I’ve come across this many times. Many people just go by what they’ve heard rather than actually learning what the diet is, how it works and the science behind it. They never truly understand it. I’ve found that to be true around here also. I’m on another forum (carnivore) and I’m amazed at how many just don’t really understand the principles of our lifestyle.


But there is the whole Internet, they could do some research SO VERY EASILY!
I know, people are super lazy sometimes. But when it’s about my health, I do some research… Well many people are more stupid and less caring about health, that’s true… I am curious too. And very sceptical about oversimplified things.

But thinking that HCHF is anywhere close to keto? The single rule of keto is eating low enough carbs, IDK how that is possible to miss. And there is no such thing as half keto.

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I totally agree with you @Shinita.
When people ask me about my success I will explain it in simple terms and tell them to not believe me just because I said so but to do the research themselves. I then give them several resources to read and listen to.
I think a lot of it boils down to how bad you want something.
Myself, when I was doing Adkins, I was dedicated to it and studied the diet until I fully understood everything about it and I was very successful. I saw many fail however. When I went back to eating SAD I just didn’t care anymore even though I knew the truth. It wasn’t until my health was a total wreck and four trips to the emergency room because of my heart that I finally woke up and got the motivation to take back control of my health. And I think that the reason why some people struggle and or fail with our WOE is the lack motivation because there’s no desperation.
I’ve noticed that a lot of people on this forum are of a more advanced age. This may be due to the fact that after years of bad health they begin to become aware of their mortality. Younger people just don’t have our motivation if they don’t have any health issues.
I’m really encouraged when I see young people participating in our WOE. It tells me that there may be hope for mankind yet. :grin:

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Yes! And I really hope that people on this forum who fit that profile - that is, people who devote themselves to this WOE for their health - continue to participate, or if their health fails, that somehow we find out about it. I’ve said before how much I appreciate N=1 results. My underlying feeling is that the people here doing what they believe is right for them don’t have a financial stake in the outcome, which is utter gold in terms of honest, objective results. It’s not as good as objective and honest randomized control studies, but when the heck do we ever actually get that.


I dont fully understand this. I was (well, felt at least, who knows what happened in my body?) pretty healthy on high-carb too. But I am a hedonist and I want a looooooooooooooooooong, healthy life. It already won’t be perfect, my body has its weaknesses (some can be solved with exercise, thankfully) but if I never will need to go to a doctor ever and my pain will be a few smallish headache a year, that already will be pretty neat… I want to live long (maybe 130-140 as I like to be realistic) and healthy enough and I think it’s unlikely if I don’t have a near ideal lifestyle and preferably early on. Anyway, one always can feel better so why not to perfect what we can? Diet and exercise, these are easy to change for most of us (I mean, if we want it and don’t whine about it. so we have control over it as we aren’t too dependent on people who control our food. it still may be hard due to our addictions and other things, I know that. somewhat. knowing my food is bad for me is pretty off putting to me, a true hedonist is very health conscious as health feels good and not being healthy feels bad). So why not to do it? Even if we are fine on our not so great diet? If we are young and healthy, we can do it slowly, I understand cold turkey sounds scary and is potentially impossible, I didn’t make one single jump myself (though my woe changes were pretty drastic. meanwhile people just need to avoid gluten - they even have huge motivation for it - and they are so shocked how hard it is. well I skipped way more in one go and it still just brought me to low-carb and I just let the fat doing whatever, many people do it harder. and without going off ever). But just being okay with not doing whatever we could for out health? Whatever we could comfortably, I understand there may be tougher points. But we can change. I never forced myself for things eating wise, I always ate the target of my temptation as I am unable to resist them. Maybe it’s way easier for me than for many others with true addictions but just some effort? Baby steps? Giving our body a chance to have it better? I don’t see this enough from people, some just don’t seem to care and tell themselves it’s just impossibly hard.

I didn’t do it from motivation. I don’t really remember but I was 35, fat (nothing extreme, it didn’t stop me from hiking and my looks aren’t good either way :smiley: I didn’t want to get muscular yet) and pretty healthy. I know I tentatively wanted to lose fat (I cared little about it before) but then I thought, if I make changes, I want a healthier woe too! And I am a very stubborn one who has an idea and clings to it. I still want to lose fat but I am not very motivated, it’s not among my top 100 problems, really. I am just stubborn and if I decided it, I wanna do it. Eventually. But having a great lifestyle, being healthy, feeling good, chill and simplicity, I am attracted to that. And my body gives me very clear pointers and who am I to deny it? A masochist? :smiley: Nope.
So I don’t think we need health issues to care a lot about our current and future health. I already thought about my health over 100 when I was even younger, I always felt too mortal but it’s one things, ever getting really sick is another, I would sacrifice a lot to avoid it, I just don’t believe I need to. I put effort into my woe sometimes, I train, track, analyze and think… I think most people live much more in the present and feel even more immune to health problems than I (and I am already the opposite of a hypochondriac, I am very sure my body is great and can fight problems and what it can’t, I have my guardian angel/luck for. sometimes even hospitals but hopefully not). I trust my genes and body for reasons and I am an optimist BUT I could ruin it all if I just ate super unwell for several decades, clearly. Our eating is highly important, it’s very obvious. And it’s very stupid/ignorant and quite rude to our heroically fighting body to eat very wrong.
As if healthy food wouldn’t be highly palatable, seriously… But the priorities should be right anyway, health is on top in my life. Enjoyment is second but I quite enjoy being healthy…

So I find people’s attitude to their food and health very strange.


I just got tired of being obese - everything is so much harder to do when you carry so much extra weight. I was able to get rid of most meds while losing the excess. What is incurable is my allergies and my neuropathy in my feet. What is unavoidable with age is parts wearing out, simple as that. I plan to carry on as is until I can’t take care of myself anymore. I have no idea when that will come. At that point, I will likely exit on my own accord. I can’t imagine being dependent on other people for every little thing. The pics of 100+ year old people being pushed out on a wheelchair to celebrate their birthday and barely being able to raise their heads terrify me. I don’t ever want to be there. I want to live a good life, and if at all possible, have a good death. That’s all anyone can ever ask for.


I am the same though I still want a super long life. But if I can’t even walk or properly think or if I have chronic pain, I don’t want it. Especially the middle. I have a relative who basically lost her mind, I never met her since but it’s extremely tragic to think about. I highly value my mind and I need it in good order even if I may change my mind about my legs (I still would need mobility but people run without legs too).

A not very long but “wide” life sounds good if it’s for someone else, I still want mind long too. Life is so exciting (not mine, that’s pretty dull, should change, but humankind’s), so many things happen, I want to know more and more and see what happens in various areas and I want a brilliant naked eye supernova too… I am waiting for that since decades… :upside_down_face:
I want to learn to draw properly too and looking at my track record, that will take forever…
But I am only 47, we will see. I just know that my anchestors lived long and not too sick either. But it was just 80, not 130… So my work is cut out for me. Good thing I love (certain kind of) challenges. Whatever happens, if I do for my health, I probably will be healthier in my life, no matter how long.

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So what I’m trying to express is that many people, including myself, don’t get motivated to improve their health until they get so ill that they are desperate to get better. Many of us start to realize our mortality in our advanced years and we become desperate to hang on and last longer. It becomes our mission in life to live longer.
I only wish that I would have known and understood this woe when I was much younger. Imagine how much better my health would be. But alas, back then I was bulletproof.
I think you are unique @Shinita in that you have the desire and drive to be as healthy as you can while still young. We see so little of that over here. I applaud you. :clap:t2:


Yes, I understand your meaning, I meant it’s very normal to me that one cares a lot about their health even well pretty healthy already. Of course people got reminded of consequences of bad choices more when they get problems but even without that, people shouldn’t be so reckless with their health.
I didn’t eat really well either when I was really young as the knowledge just isn’t there without searching for it but it wasn’t super bad, just too carby, seed oily and such. Some people eats like they would expect their bodies to work fine with whatever fuel…
I do understand the lack of drive to want to lead a near ideal lifestyle, I don’t do it oh so great either (but my body can handle this much “wrongness” and I am still improving) but some does really horrible things to their bodies.


My life has been what you likely consider “wide”. I have been poor and I have been rich, I have travelled extensively, I have outlived 2 husbands and all of my family and most of my peers. I have worn many hats as far as professions go, always had my own businesses. Started them, nurtured them up, sold them. Some failed, some skyrocketed. It was always exciting and interesting. I am not looking for a “long life” anymore, mine has been full and long as far as I am concerned. I am now only looking for continuing to be independent, comfortable and enjoying small pleasures daily. Anything short of that - beam me up, Scotty. I guess I am hedonistic that way.

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Good attitude.


Wow, what a rich life, congratulations! You‘re such an example for personal initiative and motivation. I wish you a whole lot more of it, take care and enjoy☺️

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Yep, keto alone at home at work and socially too. Partner not all that enthused, but used to it by now.
I just had to stop trying to fit in and I embrace the difference. When I say no to the beers n pizzas they just have to get over it. But we do live in a high carb world that mostly is catering for high carb consumption, and that also applies to my social life. It is what it is! Anyway no worries I guess…