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Eating the steak too is way better for me personally (not like I ever ate steak but that’s not the point). It’s best to skip the carbs, that’s clear but if I already have carbs, I better eat a ton of fatty protein with it to mitigate the problems. It’s how my body works. I can’t even skip the fat, I crave fat like crazy when I eat carbs (even without carbs but even more with carbs… :)).
To me, low-carb is the best, HCHF is the second best (still bad for me, ideal for my SO as far as we can tell) and… There is nothing else. HCLF is impossible. And SUPER carby, I rather would want a quick death.

I understand the logic but just eating carbs (with a little else)? Nope. Snickers is fatty so that helps, actually… :smiley: If I must eat something carby, I like to choose the fattiest option (not like I would touch most of the others and I would regret if I did). Snickers is very pitiful compared to MY options, of course…

But it’s an interesting type of person who wants a Snickers after a ribeye… And I understand wanting dessert in the end of most meals. Not when I get my fill from some nice meat though… Or if I still want it, some nice drink should do. I wouldn’t ruin the tastes in my mouth with added sugar.

My woe works fine if I go off (all the time, from my own viewpoint), by the way. As long as I do it in moderation. It can be a bit tricky.
(Works=I feel fine. I don’t lose fat either way. I am sure I will now, I swallowed the bitter pill and am determined to avoid dairy. Woe me. But I had enough. Not of dairy, of overeating fat.)

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It may or may not. There’s some evidence that eating meat (or vegetables) first, then carbs, will lessen both the blood sugar and insulin impact of the carbs (if you ate them first). For instance, check out this table from a small cross-over (same people) study:

Of course, this assumes that you can eat just one Snickers bar after eating a steak. Not sure that’s possible…:grinning:

Edit: Just wanted to remark that when I had my CGM, one thing I learned was that my blood sugar went up and down to the original in one hour. That’s eating high carb (eating low carb = no change in blood sugar). These people were T2 diabetics, so their blood sugar stays higher for longer than what I saw.


It’s so odd to imagine that some people want to eat Snickers let alone multiple ones… Is that good? I don’t even remember which one is Snickers but as it’s some stupid sugary overprocessed things, I definitely won’t ever touch it.

Oh the caramel peanut one, that’s actually a combo I like (I went for the caramel peanut Milka though in the not too distant future. My last Snickers must have happened more than 15 years ago I suppose.) One is more than enough, it’s rich! But good luck to put a half inside me, I can make much better sweets…
If you say caramel Timtam, that’s another matter… :upside_down_face: But I will be able to live without that too just fine if I never get another Australian package again.

2 Snickers… :flushed: I would never eat 2 of that big, rich thingie… Erm, put it into past tense, I slept too unwell for tenses, my weakness. Especially not after I already got satiated (and I have a dessert stomach but a Snickers is many calories).

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I can see that adding fat to an illicit carb might help with the metabolism of the carb, especially if the system was primed with fat beforehand. Sort of an emergency buffer. My question is, what does that do to the metabolism of the fat.

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For me, I’d nibble off the chocolate from a bite, then swish the bite around in my mouth til all the caramel and nougat dissolved, and then be left with the satisfying salty nut chew. One bite at a time, I could entertain my mouth for hours. Four hour Glucose i.v., anyone? Lol.

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:point_up:This sounds like advertisement :point_up:

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Sorry. First I’d take off that nasty pseudo chocolate soybean oil and corn syrup coating that would get all over my teeth, then I’d aim for a few more cavities, and finally be left with a half teaspoon of something perhaps not overtly poisonous. :laughing:


I am not nearly as patient with sweets. CHOMP! (That is a fun Australian candy, actually, chewy and everything :D)
Sometimes I do disassemble things out of curiosity but usually not.

If I just want the peanut, I grab one of the many bags in the house all the time… I was so addicted until carnivore…
And I can give the gifted sweets to my poor SO who totally hates added sugar but willing to eat up candy occasionally. We try to persuade his Mom not to give us sweets at this point, I think we had more than enough, I definitely did.

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Mouth feel is really important to me. There are a few things I just enjoy shoving a huge amount into my mouth and Chomping! on them. Disgusting, but satisfying! And others, like cheese with holes in it, that my tongue can spend an eternity playing with.


That’s the best cheese, I find them endlessly entertaining :slight_smile: At least the ones with the big round ones.

Thankfully I don’t need volume of any good food (not even just a huuuuge bite. I like to have space in my mouth to make chew easy). I tend to eat certain carbs in huge amounts but I avoid those. They often aren’t even satisfying, just triggering.
Stupid carbs.

Texture is important for me. I need variety!

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It was just a generalization. One idea is that higher protein means lower appetite. But I can tell you that I can eat higher protein, and if I eat ice cream cake (say, for someone’s birthday), I will eat two pieces and want a third piece.

I personally haven’t eaten something like a Snickers in…decades. I do like chocolate, though, and ice cream can be my downfall.

As to what happens if I eat a steak then eat ice cream in terms of fat processing, I have no idea. It’s mainly chocolate, sugar, peanuts with some palm oil:


(Bacon enough and time) #32

The theobromine and the oxalic acid are bad enough, but the damage the sugar does to the mitochondria is scary.

Yeah, it’s like not staying clean when we don’t wash every day. Andreas Eeenfeldt says that life is so unfair like that.

Well, I can eat just one . . . bag. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I don’t even like snickers. I do love me some very dark chocolate though.


I don’t like chocolate with a high cocoa content.
And even my high-carber SO prefers his chocolate* with a low sweetness. If 11% xylitol is low… He likes a lot of cocoa in it while I prefer mine more fatty. It was so long ago we ate the same kind. I have my own tiny jar though I admit his mixed with butter isn’t bad either. I love butter. It recently made my “almost everything is better with…” list.

*Ours isn’t chocolate, per se as it lacks cocoa butter but I tried it and it didn’t make it better, just more expensive. Maybe I will try again but not in a hurry, our things have been working wonderfully since more than a decade. My SO can’t exist without his daily (usually twice) chocolate. IDK what he would do without me and my experiments, he wouldn’t buy some sugary chocolate.

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You win the prize for having the most willpower - a bakery - oh my!!!

(Lauren G) #36

ME! & it is difficult some days…but most I am able to control my eating. Keto since January. I’ve fallen here & there but over all I am pretty proud of myself considering I am a carb addict. I have my elderly mom who can only eat processed meat & carbs, a husband who requires carbs w/ his veg & proteins, and a 3nager & 9 yr old who would live off of carbs if it were up to them. I make them all get their proteins & veggies LOL but they have snacks I cannot have all over the damn house LOL
Struggle is real.
When I cook I set aside the protein & add more vegetables usually before adding sauces & stuff that can raise my blood sugar. & it works out pretty well & I am satisfied w/ my meals because I usually fix them w/ a hearty veg like brussels sprouts & I cook w/ butter or bacon LOL


Fats can be a difficulty if the family members eat very differently… My SO dislikes lard while it’s my number one cooking fat (I use it 99% of the time, at least) but he is fine with it in pork dishes (well it would be very illogical not to :D) and I usually don’t eat his dishes made with plants anyway… But he uses coconut oil and I am fine with that so that wouldn’t be a problem. But my carnivore doesn’t mix with his veggie dishes so we mostly just eat our own dishes with our own fats. Except the occasional meat and egg dish he eats. But if I make a carnivore dish for both of us, I never add fat anyway. Stews are the gray area, not carnivore but good enough for me and as we usually use pork, lard is fine. If we use beef, lard is still fine, we both pretty much hate tallow (when it’s not in the meat in moderate amounts, that’s fine) so that wouldn’t be an option even if I could get some.
So I am lucky regarding fats. I am lucky regarding many things, we have common ground, my SO is fine with simple food… And we are only 2 people.

(Lauren G) #38

I definitely miss stews & gravies lol


Stews are for the days when I really can’t handle proper carnivore… I usually just go off then normally but stews are the more proper solution - if I plan in advance.
Our stew only has a teeny-tiny bit of onion and a decent amount of paprika, otherwise it would be carnivore.

As far as I know I never ate gravy except a packaged one from Australia. That wasn’t so great. My taste is pretty simple when it comes to meat.
But I have fatty jellied liquid in the bottom of the oven pan, that should have a similar role. I don’t often need it, only for leaner meat.

I had zillion stews before carnivore (not meaty ones in my vegetarian year. I was an ovo-lacto vegetarian so egg stew was an option and what a nice one it is!). And after, for a while. It still happens but extremely rarely. I like my proper, carnivore meat dishes just fine (usually. sometimes I get bored but I can just switch to another animal then or use something else, I have ideas after years).

(Geoffrey) #40

I can relate. I have so many recipes for stews, sauces and chili but alas, they will forever remain in my memories.
But…I do have a very simple stew that I make that is delicious and very savory. I just take any kind of meat, beef, venison, roast or steak. Sear it real good in animal fat or smoke it. Then put it in a crockpot with enough clean bone broth to nearly cover the meat. Salt to flavor. Cook on high for three hours or so, until the meat is pull apart tender. It’s really good. Onions are a nice addition depending on whether they are on your diet list but that’s it.