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I am working a 3-week shutdown at a chemical plant in Houston and they are bringing in lunches every day. They always ask for any “dietary needs” and one of our team members is a former diabetic who is keto and asked for low carb meals. Most of the time he gets a salad with meat and he is ok with that. I joined him.

I never thought to ask for special treatment, but they do it all the time for vegans, vegetarians, etc. I usually just toss the buns if sandwiches, eat the toppings if pizza, ditch the chips and tortillas if mexican, etc. One time it was spaghetti or fettucini alfredo. I just picked the chicken out of the pasta and it was enough. I always keep cheese and deli meat in the fridge as a backup.


She’s 48 by the way, same age as me.

I find it refreshing that you still consider that as being young.

Thanks buddy!

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I fast and eat moderately low carb, my wife who doesn’t have much of a stomach left after surgery eats almost all the time she is awake, and she would eat spaghetti at every meal if she could.

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Oh, to be 48 again. That was 21 years ago and I wonder how much better off I’d be if I had this info (keto/carni) back then.
I’ve a hunch I would not be on all this heart medicine now.

48! You can still steer clear of the iceberg!


You don’t look a day past 38!

What’s your secret?

(Chuck) #67

Try 28 years ago for me. When I was 48 I would never have believed I would be a live today.


There’s hope for us yet mate!

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Yep when I was 48 I weighed some where around 260 pounds, I wasn’t concerned about my weight as I was fighting to continue to be gainfully employed. I was working at least 12 hours a day 6 or 7 days a week and studying every minute I had available to be able to reinvent myself from an electronic technician/ engineer to a software engineer/IT professional. I was eating what ever garbage food I could get on the run between work, college and bed. I had blood pressure issues, acid reflux and even worse the lack of sleep. My only goal was to see my children through school and college. And I was just starting to accept the fact I had hearing loss.


I hear you bro.

You’re doing well mate.


I am 47. And 3 months :upside_down_face: It’s possible I wrote 48 once, I am bad with numbers but my exact age is pretty irrelevant to me.
I may be not exactly young, maybe kind of young but definitely not old. I will be old after 100 or something. At least that is the plan. But at least 80! And I think the same about everyone who doesn’t let their body and spirit age quickly, getting unhealthy. We don’t have total control but we have some.

I lacked knowledge and other things when I was very young but I always thought about how healthy I want to be many decades later… It’s important for me. So I did what was easy and known to me.
I still have such a long way to go but I do take efforts, be it diet or exercise or other things. I don’t do it right enough yet. But better than before. Way better than many.

By the way, you older folks don’t exactly sound old either :slight_smile: IDK how it is elsewhere but old people here are “bragging” and bidding (IDK if you use that term for it in English too…) when it comes to sicknesses. “Oh I have that too!!! But it’s more serious! And I have other problems like […] Look, here are my medical papers.” Some people actually do that when met another old one. Once I changed the lock on the door, it was quite a long time and two friends, old ladies next door couldn’t talk about anything else. It’s not some venting or complaining about something that actually bothers them at the moment, they dug up every problem they had and couldn’t stand that the other one had something and they didn’t. I can’t understand this attitude. I want to brag about my health :smiley: But they have the right and whatever makes them happy…

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We jokingly call that The Organ Recital. It’s a pun, because an organ recital is usually a concert in a church, but in this case it’s everyone chiming in about what is wrong with this body part or that one, seemingly in competition for who is suffering more than whom.

(Robert) #73

Like how you’re making it work, shows it can be done with minimal fuss. I’ve just gone back to basics and it’s remarkable how simple n easy keto can be…

(Robert) #74

Haha, when you turn 100 I’ll be turning 124. Save me a seat at the party.

(Geoffrey) #75

You bet! Anytime. I’m 67 so it’s all relative. My son just turned 40 and he thinks he’s old. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Youngsters often think they are old… Or their 30 years old parents are… I never was such a kid. Mom was 50 when I was 10 and she wasn’t old. She was stronger than me even when I was 20…

Anime are the worst with their 23-26 years old teachers feeling old (and being single).
But I saw weird things in novels too… “She was still beautiful, even 30 years old!”
As if 30 would be withered! The age shows, she won’t look like 16 but it doesn’t meat it affects the beauty let alone seriously… (I don’t like the "oh she is 60 but looks like 30 except in special Asian cases. Nope, the age usually shows somewhat.)