Flyin solo

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How many of you guys are living in a house or situation where you are the only one who eats keto , in the family or household.


I am lucky to be living alone, I remember my first attempt a couple decades ago when hubby was alive, and it was much harder.

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(Pete A) #4

I live alone in a controlled environment.

(Geoffrey) #5

I’m not keto but I am carnivore and yes, I’m pretty much solo. Fortunately though, my wife is very supportive of my endeavors. In fact, when she started seeing the vast improvements in me she cleaned out the fridge and pantry of unclean foods and started eating a somewhat keto way. There are certain things that she’s not willing to give up but there’s always hope.
It does not weaken me in any way but actually gives me more resolve to set a good example in the hope that she’ll come around.

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Me. My husband is enthusiastic about buying food-like-products with “keto” on the label and then combining them with high carb items that completely negate any benefit they might have conferred. I don’t eat food-like-products, so if he’s trying to be on the same page, it’s not working. However, I’ve stopped trying to explain the science, we basically just eat two separate diets now and more or less get along with that.

Back when I was trying to be the food preparer for both of us it was very frustrating and there was a lot of disappointment with “bad food” because it didn’t taste the same as the carb version. SOOO much easier now that I just eat the ingredients!


I live with my high-carber sweets lover SO and I am the main cook. It has mostly benefits, I LOVE baking bread, simply cakes (mostly not for me as I got bored of them for life when I overdid them on keto) and making other interesting dishes. My own food is often super simple now.
But yes, it has its disadvantages, I still can be tempted a bit easily… :upside_down_face: But it’s training and it’s not so bad and I can afford some extras…
And I usually cook carby food I dislike anyway. I know how to choose my battles, usually :slight_smile:

It’s not so bad now, I had worse times (when I had to cook different not super simple dishes. I love cooking but I don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort on it. adding meat made things LOADS easier). Now I try to stay close to carnivore and we have more common ground than before. We both are willing to eat meat (we had no meat until a few years ago or extremely occasionally… but it was mostly not at home), eggs and dairy and we both love fatty food. So we may eat the same main dish. He eats it with his carby sides but it’s about zero time and effort to make them. Only the bread is a bit more but as I wrote, I love baking it, it’s rewarding, it’s so soft, it raises and becomes pretty…

We both totally support each other’s woe (and we are too smart to try to change it anyway). We both are quite health conscious and eat in a pretty healthy way as far as we know, we do our best and our bodies are happy with our woe. (Not so much when I go off too much but my chosen woe if great and I always bounce back and usually don’t stray far. My SO is better, he is way more disciplined and virtually always eat pretty great for his body, apparently.)

(Ohio ) #8

I live in a bakery. Every single day there’s temptation cooking in the oven. Cornbread, carrot cake, cookies, muffins, banana bread, pastries etc, but I stay strong. Fortune favors the brave.


My first 2 yrs eating Keto I did it solo, really not hard, most meals don’t need many tweaks to make them work for “normal” eaters. The second 2 yrs my Wife hopped on. Even now with me doing a TKD/CKD mix a lot of my meals are tweaked vs my wife and son, not a huge deal.


When I did Atkins the first time I worked in a Bakery, nothing like slicing 300 loaves of bread when doing that! Prior I’d probably eat 2 loaves with all the little shaved off end pieces that were useless… can’t figure out why I had problems in the first place at all???

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #11

My wife eats carbs but far far less than she did. In 6 months she’s come to realise how good my diet.

(Robin) #12

Yes indeed, but no worries, we each buy and prepare our own food and rarely eat together unless we go out.


Count me in to this group. My husband is firmly in the high carb camp, but runs every day and is thin. He seems to be trying to convince himself, me and our sons that he is better off because he eats everything. My sons are lower carb, but are grown now and eat what they want. But they definitely avoid seed oils, so that is a win. I’ve been Keto since 2018.

(Luke) #14

That is next level , living in a bakery😳

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I think not eating at the same time is the worst part.

(Bob M) #16

I live in a house where getting our kids to eat meat can be difficult. I’m the most regimented, sticking mainly to meat and few vegetables. Some dairy, including raw milk.


That would suck, we always ate together, just differences (usually minor) on the plates. Luckily the meat and veggies could always be the same, lot of times it was a potato of some sort vs mashed cauli or something. Sometimes they’d get a pizza, I’d eat a fathead (remember those things LOL).

(Alec) #18

My wife understands all the keto/carnivore science as she listens to all the YT vids that I put on the TV… especially Dr Ken Berry, who she likes (she doesn’t like a few of the others, who she says are creepy).

She eats mainly carnivore now, BUT, she has a nasty habit of eating chocolate bars when she feels like it. Not quite in the spirit of things is it? :joy::joy::joy::man_facepalming:


Chocolate sounds one of the most innocent extra to me, honestly… Well homemade one… Sugary ones are among the worst ones in my eyes (still way better than low-fat candy) but I have read about very many ketoers who were fine with a bit dark chocolate here and there. Whatever floats their boat. I am against added sugar and I have my own chocolate, it’s good enough.
But I lost the majority of my interest when I tried out carnivore. SO my chocolate consumption is negligible. Good. I tend to overeate fat anyway.

Eating whatever we feel like is something I can get behind too (I am a hedonist, I can’t act much differently than that) - but of course we should be health conscious (being healthy, feeling well is very hedonistic) and if we want the wrong things, training may be in order. Training can be fun and fun is hedonistic.

Maybe she needs a few more decades (like me) to be really really good? These changes may happen slowly to a hedonist. At least if there is no punishment. I very quickly stop eating things that make me feel bad enough… But my body is resilient so I must take the looooong way. But I will eat whatever (I do do tiny efforts sometimes) and enjoy the hell out of my food during it and my body can handle the little non-ideal stuff it gets from food.

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I have to say that for myself the thing that causes the most unease is the idea that our WOE only works if we don’t cheat. In other words, if I down a big fat filled ribeye… and then follow it up with a Snickers bar, it might be a lot worse than not eating the steak at all - I dump all this fat into my system and then say, “no, wait, here’s a giant glob of glucose, deal with that first” …