Fish Pudding - Norsk style


That Norwegian fiskepudding has the texture of hotdog, but much milder taste than hotdog. It’s something you buy at the grocery store in its package, and all you have to do is bring it home and slice to eat. You can pan fry and grill if you want. I love it. Made from fish, and low carb. Wish we had it here in Canada and USA. Examples below:

Now, you brought up another thing, the fish quenelles…and oh yeah…they are delicious…but, breadcrumbs would make them a no-go for me. I wonder if there is a substitute recipe, like almond flour? I don’t know. But, it would be worth recipe hacking for sure.

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Fisk pudding, Fisk kake (fish cakes like little hamburgers) Fisk boller are all one basic recipe. A white fish, haddock, pollach, ect., heavy whipping cream and eggs. Add spice like nutmeg or kardimom, just a pinch,salt pepper. Whip in a food processor then set in a bread pan and bake or make cakes and fry or form balls and boil. But it all ends up tasty and good. Serve with butter or white sauce. We like it just slice and eat. Either way it’s just plain good. :fish::+1:t2:

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Here is a recipe i hope translated right, lol. Where it says flour we use 1 egg yolk.
If you can read norsk i have also from my cookbook. I will post that also. Sone of those recieps are hundreds of years old. Also we use arctic cod or skrei.

Old-fashioned fish pudding Lekvattenabborre

Old-fashioned fish pudding Lekvattenabborre

500 g perch fillet or other white fish

the sauce

50 g butter

2 tbsp plain flour

4d milk

2 tsp salt

1-2 milliliter ground white pepper

1 milliliter lemon pepper

2 eggs


Mill fillets

the sauce

melt the butter

stir in flour and dilute with milk

season with salt and pepper

taste of the sauce

Add the eggs and the milled fish and stir well

pour into greased baking dish

200 degrees for 40-60 minutes

Serve with melted butter and boiled potatoes, grated carrots or sliced cooked.

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Here is from my cookbook. Yes cod fish tounge is a delicacy here. Yum, with butter. Soon shall be that season again. Winter skrei is in a week or two. I will have to be rolled from the table,lol. With that is also the lever and rogn all in butter over the skrei, cod,I can’t wait!

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