First week and weight is up and down!

(Yesenia Bravo) #1

So I started Key a week ago today. I am cooking all my meals myself. I am keeping food log. But my weight goes up 2 lbs down 2 lbs. started at 192 went down to 189 now at 191. I am not eating bad carbs, just zucchini noodles so far. I reduced protein thinking that may be it. Just a bit frustrating as I see most people loose a ton of weight first week. I just hit Ketosis 2 days ago. I am using urine strips and have metallic taste in my mouth! Example of today’s meals.

Breakfast 2 eggs, mozzarella cheese, 2 sausage link
Lunch chicken Brest about 2.5 oz bacon and mozzarella
Snack mozzarella and salami rolls 2-4
Dinner 3.5 oz ground beef and chorizo with zucchini noodles 1/2 cup low carb marinara and mozzarella cheese
I usually have a cup of bulletproof coffee with keto creamer and mct oil

Am I overeating or not estimating fat intake? Should I try intermittent fasting also?

(Scott) #2

Limit carbs to<20g and fat is your new friend. Ignore the scale for now and let your body take over, it knows what to do. My wife was a slow start where I immediately started losing a few pounds a week. About the time I settled down a bit she revved up and lost more than me for a while. We are all different. Treat this like your new WOE and don’t focus on weight. You will be adapting to this over the next several months so don’t fall into the trap of “its been one week and doesn’t work” Give it time and the changes will come.

(Yesenia Bravo) #3

Thanks will do that

(Marianne) #4

I think @Rclause nailed it.

Not sure how much you have to lose, but this will likely be your journey for the next 3-4 months. I hope after you get some time under your belt, you will love it so much that you will want to continue with this way of eating. Let the days pass and try to limit your weighing to once a week, once every two weeks. It can really undermine your momentum if it isn’t where you want it to be.

Looking at your menu, it doesn’t look to me that you are eating enough or getting enough fat. Just my opinion, but I think that burger should be three times that size. If you are eating full fat hamburger, a 10 oz. burger shrinks down to about 7 oz. Slap some Am. Cheese on it. Sautee your zoodles in butter or make a cheese sauce using heavy cream. Don’t snack. If you are getting enough food at your meals, you won’t feel a need to have a snack. You want to keep your insulin levels as constant and low as possible. Don’t start IF until you have more time under your belt and feel you can skip meals naturally with no hunger or cravings. It will happen.

Good luck. Please keep us posted.

(Susan) #5

Make sure you eat enough calories! Try to make sure your carbs are 20 grams or less a day (there are so many hidden carbs so using something like that is free to keep track really helps. Also, make sure you read all labels, and don’t consume any sugar.

Keep up your water and Electrolytes, best wishes =).