First non scale victory


3 months and 25 lbs in on Keto. Had to buy new pants for work. My old ones are falling off of me. First time in a 33 in over 15 years.

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Sometimes the scale stays the same, which sizes go down. Muscle?

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You should shout it from the rooftop! These are the victories that change who we are and how we see ourselves. So happy for you. You got this!

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Yay! Feels good!

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Amazing. KCKO.


Great results, keep it up. Gotta love pants shopping if keto is working. LOL

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Eye doctor yesterday; she’s young - 30s, and well-versed in all the newfangled stuff.

I see nothing at all attributable to diabetes, and your eyes are excellent, period, for somebody 62 years old.

I felt really good, walking home.

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Excellent!! Have you had diabetes?
I am giddy (I think my eyes are improving, I think that I fortunately started Keto before the eye damage was significant)

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Way to go!

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Yeah - diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic in April 2017. Glucose-tolerance-impaired for decades before that. It’s a slow progression and a continuum - I was 58 when “Type 2 diabetes” became official, but in my late 20s stuff was showing up - weight gain, other stuff with metabolic syndrome (I know that now.)

I asked the eye doctor what she sees when diabetic retinopathy is present, and she painted a nasty picture of scarring, blocked blood vessels due to too much blood glucose, the eye growing new blood vessels to compensate, but the new little arteries tend to bleed… And of course outright cases of people going totally blind.

She did say that it’s a case of "If you catch it early…" then there’s usually hope, and complete reversal and healing of symptoms for some people.

I’m very pleased with the weight loss from the ketogenic eating I’ve done, and with the other gains which I can’t directly feel but am sure are ongoing. But - heck, I’ve been ‘fat’ for 30 years. I’ve never thought of myself as a fat person, except when I see my body in profile in a mirror. (:smile:) I’ve had a great life and done everything I want.

But the thought of going blind… :neutral_face:

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Sounds very much like my life, except I was diagnosed T2D 15 some years ago, and except doing everything I wanted.

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That is great news Doug. Always nice to be told how much we have healed with this WOE.


Just a quick update to this thread. I am now at 5.5 months on Keto. Today, my fasting glucose was 96. First time under 100 in probably over 10 years!!!

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Hey Hey! way to go!

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Good result. I’m happy for you.

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A couple of new accomplishments at my 8 month mark on Keto. Wearing 32 waist pants now for the first time since I was probably in my early 30’s. I also just bought some new shirts yesterday, XL instead of the 2XL that have been the mainstay of my wardrobe for what seems like forever.

Perhaps the best accomplishment though is my absolute abundance of energy. We had a warm day here in PA yesterday. I completely washed our van inside and out, cooked on the grill outside, and at the end of the day, played ball with our youngest daughter until dark. A year ago I would have been in the recliner watching TV and munching endlessly on junk.


a whole new vibrant you! :two_hearts:


Absolutely. And if you would have told me before I started this process that this was even possible, I wouldn’t have believed you.