First non scale victory

(Robin) #21

Ah, You sing the song of my people.


yea if you are more healthy going into this lifestyle before getting more and more wrecked and real health med issues hitting you…many of us find truth in an overall well being of life that we must grab and go forward quicker than others have to deal but…

Key now long term is remember why you are doing this and hold on for a great and wild ride!

(Robin) #23

So happy for you! 8 months sounds so long to newbies, but it is such an incredible journey!


And a great big thank you to all of you that have been so supportive so far in this journey. It has made such a difference in this entire process.

(UsedToBeT2D) #25

That’s inspiring. I wish that I could say 32 inch waist… that was where i was in high school. Fast forward 30 years and my 46 inch waist. Then Keto. 3 years now down to 36 inch. I went from XL shirts to medium. KCKO!!

(Bob M) #26

As am I, down to 36 from a 43+ (43 was my suit, so I know what it was). Got down to 34s, but then I tried the Croissant Diet. Back close to my 34s, and can wear some, but not all.

Not sure I’ll get back to 32s though.

(Robin) #27

Never say never. I keep assuming I am at my forever weight…. Then slowly but surely my pants get big and I find myself trying to shrink them in the wash!

Which totally cracks me up! I spent so many years avoiding that and stretching my clothes to fit.

(Rebecca ) #28

:rofl: I thought I was the only one to do that!!


Small victories as they say. But, it just feels great to be comfortable in the clothes that I put on. Probably don’t hear many men say that, but not having to suck in my gut and then have it hang over my belt is priceless.

(KCKO, KCFO) #30

:joy:You are too funny, most of the women I know including myself have tried stretching out not just clothes but even the shoes.:joy:

(Robin) #31

Yes! My shoes are too big now! Crazy!

(UsedToBeT2D) #32

I think that I have gone down 1/2 shoe size.


One more little bit of a victory. We are on our first vacation since I went Keto last summer. My wife joined me in January.

We now have total and complete control of our eating. Spending days in the theme parks and not being hungry is priceless. The last time I was here, we had 3 scheduled meals a day. So much more time to enjoy the vacation without being attached to an eating schedule.

On a side note, I can remember being hangry and arguing with my kids when we were supposed to be having fun. I’m watching other parents do it all around me and it I just feel so sad that I ruined so many moments because of my dang food addictions. It is so clear to me now how awful the carbs made me feel.


Pulling this thread back up again for a casual observation on my part. Camping this weekend with my family and reflecting on what a difference time and proper care can make. A year ago I could hardly find the motivation to do much of anything. Just didn’t feel well with the liver issues I was having. This year, I did a 24 mile bike ride with one of my daughters, and went swimming twice with my youngest. We stayed in the water yesterday until closing time. Something that I simply wouldn’t have had the energy to do in the past.

I guess the moral of the story is that I’m so very thankful for the right doctors being in my life at the right time to give me the direction I needed to get my health turned around.


Oh these are precious!!! Being able to move about… I am happy for you!


This to me is the most astounding thing. I didn’t even notice the fat on my feet. Ankles, yes. I actually have ankles now. Not slender ankles but they do have definition…


That reminds me of an amusing observation I made quite recently.

My left ankle is considerably slimmer than my right, because when I’m sat at the PC all day I tend to sit with my left leg tucked underneath me so it’s literally had the fat squished away xD

It’s also resulted in my left leg being far more flexible, which I really notice when I’m doing my yoga. Can’t get into the habit of sitting on the right leg instead though ; )