Finally managed a 3 day


I’ve been intermittent fasting 18/6 for about 6 months, done several 24h with no problems, and a couple of 48h, but finally bit the bullet to go for a 72h. Not a complete water fast; did some coffee with a little heavy cream and a few cups of bone broth to keep up the electrolytes. Lots of home-made seltzer water.

But I have to give kudos to Megan Ramos of IDM, because she was right: Day 2 IS the worst. I had to fight hunger on day 2; it was tough! But day 3 was a breeze by comparison; very little hunger. I felt like I could have gone longer at the end, but I had set that goal so I ended it there. Maybe with a bit of practice I’ll be on here doing the Zorn fast too! :crazy_face: