Finally in what they call optimal ketosis

(sue) #1

2.4 nmol ketone. Will I finally lose weight at this level. Has been ages getting here. I am following an app carefully…

(Cheryl Meyers) #2

Congrats! How are you feeling? is it better than when consuming carbs? if so, then you win no matter if you lose weight or not. You may lose inches first, so check your waist measurements, too.


First you have to get to the point of being at or nearly at 100% fat-adapted (that takes around 6 weeks, but for some IR folks can take many months) - that’s the critical first phase. During this time your hormones are rebalancing - ghrelin and leptin and insulin and cortisol all are adjusting their levels (or not, depending on your metabolism - midlife is a holding pattern for many females, and requires some special strategies).

Second, keep in mind that keto is about recomposition from the inside out - a lot goes on with regard to transforming hidden visceral fat, rejuvenating the liver, and nourishing the brain. So, it’s a way of life. Give yourself a chance to change over seasons and years. It’s not a quick fix beyond the initial adaptation period water weight loss.

Third, try to avoid the scale as much as you can. Measure yourself instead. The scale doesn’t report a number of huge changes, etc., and every body fluctuates up to a full 4 pounds in water weight every day for starters.

Depending on how metabolically healthy you are, after you reach month 3 or 6 in keto you naturally start to start to feel satiated for much longer periods (ie, not eating for 18-20 hours of each 24 hour cycle) and naturally find that you’re Intermittent Fasting. Combining small eating windows and keto (along with changing things up - keeping a degree of randomness to it can really help keep the body responding well) really boost body recomposition for menopausal women. Keto + IF is a powerful duo for all that goes into metabolic healing.

This forum is a great resource - (many great past posts on midlife females and menopausal health to read). The search bar is like magic. :avocado: :coconut: :bacon: :fried_egg: :herb:

(sue) #4

Thanks Cheryl

Yes I feel
Better off carbs and hope some menopausal pounds will finally come off… :blush: Took me a while to get Into ketosis. So am excited it finally happened.


your Ketone level is not what drives weight loss. there are situations where you have can high ketone readings and still gain weight.

Ketones don’t make you lose bodyfat, they are the product of burning fat (preferable your own, not whats on the plate)

In order to lose bodyfat you must consume it (“burn it off”). the only way to do that is to become fat adapted by lowering insulin (driven by carbs) and then going into a caloric deficit to make your body use its own fats stores.

there is no way around this, how else is the fat going to come off? it doesn’t evaporate or fall off. your own body must consume it.

to enter a caloric deficit you must simply eat less than you have been (overly simplified, i know). you do this by getting off the blood sugar rollercoaster caused by carbohydrates, and eating a higher fat (thus more satiating) diet that allows you to go longer intervals between eating and thus promotong “fat adaptation”.

adding exercise also helps, but isn’t the best primary way to lose weight. you can’t out exercise a bad diet.