Finally broke a year long stall

(Linda) #41

Me too, Janie. Make than N=2. I just got one of those breathalyzers from Ebay too, and was surprised that it works so well. I tested it against the Walmart Keto sticks and they back each other up. No way I’m forking over what they want for the blood ketone monitors and the outrageously priced test strips.

(Val ) #42

You are indeed blessed to have met Prof Noakes. I have also met him. Such a humble man, walks the talk and inspiration.

(Cynthia ) #43

Not at all. I am 53 and was bleeding for three weeks out of the month. Turned out I had an ENORMOUS fibroid taking up the entire top third of my uterus as well as a thumb-sized polyp. Also small ovarian cysts. Had surgery where the doc cut out all the tumors and then did an ablation. Lost ten pounds within two weeks of surgery. Weight loss is slow and steady now but at least it’s heading in the right direction. Female and hormone issues (I’m in perimenopause) can make weight loss near impossible—even on Keto.


Wow! Your story gives me a lot of hope. I too target the 200 lb. mark as a major milestone, although I am still 10 lbs. away.

What impresses me as much as the success in weight loss is the commitment to remain faithful (I am assuming a lot here) to keto even as you stalled. I have loved the experience on Keto of not feeling the kinds of crazy binge urges that I’ve experienced on other diets, but after 3-4 weeks of no weight loss, I began to think “why am I doing this? This is not working.” So in addition to your breaking through that line on the scale, I am impressed that you remained consistent.

Your vigilance and endurance are inspiring to me.

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #45

Updates, @misterbutters?

(Linda) #46

Sitting still again after dropping an additional 4 pounds, gabe. I’m okay with it. I might be losing at a glacial pace now, but I’m not gaining and that’s always a plus.

Just a cautionary note for fellow yo yo people, it gets harder and slower the more often you do it and relapse and have to do it again, as I have. Plus now I’m like way old. :slight_smile:

I credit the years I’ve spent doing low carb since I was in my 40’s for the fact that I’m able to say that I’m way old.

(Carole) #47

Yay you!

(Christina Lopresti) #48

This is great news! I’m happy for you. I can understand and sympathize with you, being in a stall makes it tempting to give up. I have been stalled for over a year after loosing 40 pounds. I am still sticking with strict keto but can’t seem to loose the next 20.

(Robin) #49

Ooh, those last 20! Hang in there. My first 6 months, I lost about 40. The last 20 came off w years later, just by staying the course.
Hang in there. And celebrate that wonderful numero 1 on the scale. That’s huge! Actually, that’s the opposite of huge.
You got this.

(Christina Lopresti) #50

Thanks Robin! Glad to hear I’m not alone!


Are you tracking what you eat with something like Cronometer? Working out at all?

(Christina Lopresti) #52

I have a bit of a not normal history with being able to work out. 15 years ago I was hit on the side of my car really hard. 53 surgeries later including 10 spinal fusions, it’s not that easy. But I can walk and still alive so I keep doing whatever I can. Also last year when I was cleaning an area in the basement for my new exercise bike to get delivered… I ended up with the 10th fusion! So I have been afraid to start riding it! I was going to start this week, so we will see how that goes! Thanks for taking the time to write thou! I don’t calculate everything, but only have bullet coffee and dinner with trying to fill up with vegetables and fat before eating protein.



(Jane) #54

Have you tried filling up on protein first and not add any additional fat except what comes with your protein?

That has worked for some folks here.

(Christina Lopresti) #55

Ok I will try that. I have been trying to eat proteins last to not have too much thinking that I was having too much!