Finally broke a year long stall

(Linda) #1

Yesterday I finally crossed a milestone that has eluded me for a year. After losing 50 pounds, I stalled at breaking the 200 pound threshold and sat there for a year. Y’all can probably identify with how important that milestone feels.

I had many benefits under my belt (ha) including reversing the T2D that I had creeped into. I was able to cut my medication doses in half. But damn, that 200 mocked me like a comedy club heckler everytime I got on the scale.

Here’s what I did.

  1. Really upped the fat intake and cut back on protein.
  2. Took up fasting for 16 to 20 hours of the day.
  3. Scoured the hidden carbs out of my life. Did you know that Gaviscon tablets have sugar?

Yesterday I was 197.

Yay me!

(bulkbiker) #2

Impressive… I’ve been stalled at around 215 or just under for 18 months…
Gets lower when fasting but comes back almost as fast as it comes off when I eat again.
Maybe I need to do a fatty food fast to really give it a bash… thanks for the inspiration…

(Doug) #3

Right on, MisterButters. Good job keeping on…

(less is more, more or less) #4

Given all the “I’m stalled” questions, this update is solid gold. Kudos!

(karen) #5

Congratulations, and good for you for sticking it out!!!


That’s wonderful news! Congratulations!!

(Sarah Bruhn) #7

This gives me hope! I’ve been stalled for what feels like forever! My guess is you don’t have a bullet proof in the morning then … ahh my nemisis coffee addiction. I may have to choose morning as my time to eat? i’ve dropped the carbs, upped the fat and but i havn’t dropped the protein… keto can be a bit of a puzzle.

(Linda) #8

I have been known to Sarah, but found that a cup of chicken bullion with a bunch of butter helps me stay fasting until dinner. I don’t really care for doctoring my usually black coffee like that. Bulletproof tea is better, since I like it with cream and fake sweetener even without the fat.

(Sarah Bruhn) #9

Music to my ears! Bullet Proof Coffee, IF and drop the protein a smidge, I shall follow your example and see if it tips the scales, Cheers!

(Linda) #10

Sarah, it took about a week. But I can do this for quite awhile, I think. Not as painful as I would have predicted!

(Sarah Bruhn) #11

It sounds very simple and painless which is perfect, and it’s easy to see if it will work. Congrats, may you loose as much as will make you healthy :slight_smile:
If i can have a bullet proof coffee in the morning I am good for the rest of the day anyway, but I feel after listening to some Dr Fung my protein is probably too high. Perfect timing to confirm my suspicions.

(Linda) #12

Also, this is the first time my keto strips have been really really purple in a very long time. That’s the key, methinks.

(CharleyD) #13

Score! Great news and thanks for the tips!

Goes to emphasize what Dr Shanahan says in Deep Nutrition, that food is information to DNA.

High fat = signal that the hunt is good. No need to store food as fat.

(Karen) #14

@misterbutters please , please keep us updated. Congrats on finally breaking a stall.
macros %
Current weight?

I’m so torn on fat vs protein %


(Linda) #15

Sorry Karen I do not track macros or calories. Before I was mostly simply avoiding carbs. I’ve merely lopped off breakfast or lunch and replaced them with butter or coconut oil. You could say I’ve gone from doing Atkins to 16 to 20 hours of IF and higher fat instead of protein.

(Karen) #16

I’m about there too. Skipped breakfast and lunch. Early dinner
20% p
77% f
3% c

Today’s fast turned OMAD.


(Kieny Poppen) #17

Great that you found a way to break your stall!

(Miranda ) #18

I dropped my carbs to around 12-13 hoping my strips would test darker but I’m always in the medium pink zone. Any advice?

(Linda) #19

I don’t know Miranda. I only know that getting as close to one meal a day as I could, getting as close to zero carbs as I could (I ain’t giving up HWC) seems to be what jogged me. I suppose I shouldn’t be too cocky. I don’t know where I’ll be next week. :slight_smile:


Woo! Great job on breaking that very long stall :star2: