Finally broke a year long stall

(bulkbiker) #21

Get a blood ketone monitor… the strips are useless once you get into ketosis “proper” if you really want an accurate measure.

(Debi) #22

Congratulations to you! Are you fasting every single day? I’m stalled, fast a couple of days a week, but haven’t budged. Also, when you hit your eating window, are you still counting real carbs or net carbs? Thanks for the inspiration!

(Linda) #23

Debh - I’m not counting anything. I’m just concentrating on avoiding nearly all carbs as much as possible. (Carbs I get are from HWC or avocado and not very often from veggies like a small salad or the leafy greens. And I try to eat those only a time or two in a week.) I try to do this every day, but am not always successful. Sometimes I get hungry in spite of the butter, and then I’ll have some cheese. I’m a Finnlander so dairy is not an issue for me.

(Jane) #24

Welcome to ONEderland, Linda!!!


(Linda) #25

This has not been my experience at all. A little pink v. really purple is close enough for me. (Not to mention the urine strips are not exploitatively pricey.)

(Julie Salinas) #26

Agree - KetoMOjo’s glucose strips are affordable but their ketone strips just take advantage of people. It really makes me angry. I know they are less expensive than others but seriously, it’s just a money grab and makes me angry!

(Yvonne) #27

Congrats and some good points to consider. My stall hasn’t been so long - about 6 months - but also at a key psychological point: at 95 lb loss and would like to get to at least 100 and remove remaining excess fat around abdomen. Definite food for thought!

(Linda Culbreth) #28

thank you!

(Stan Orlowski) #29

Welcome to Onederland :grinning:

(Cynthia ) #30

Congratulations! I was stalled one month into my journey. After six months of no movement, discovered I needed surgery for female problems. Once I had the surgery, the weight started dropping off. I can’t imagine the resolve it took to be stalled for a whole year.

(Linda) #31

One tires of losing the same 50 pounds repeatedly.:grinning: I have to say that even though the scale seemed frozen in place, my clothes continued to get bigger. Things did continue to shift.

(Miranda ) #32

This is actually so helpful for me to hear! I’ve gotten down to two meals this week and am starting to get the idea…

Thank you!

(Linda) #33

It just occurred to me that my “stall” was probably the first time in my life where I sat at the same weight. I’ve always been either gaining or dieting my entire life, since puberty. That sounds like a snide joke, but it isn’t.

In a way, that’s a win, not a stall.

(Miranda ) #34

Totally! Sounds like a happy body to me! :slight_smile:

(Vincent) #35

Congrats on reaching your goal. Great job

(What The Fast?!) #36

Yes, this. It’s interesting that some people have this problem and others don’t!

Everyone says this…but I find that when my ketones are over 0.6 or so by blood reading, it also shows up on the sticks.

Is it too intrusive to ask what the issue was?


Love the profile pic!

(bulkbiker) #38

how about this one…

I’m doing a low carb superstars collection…


Wowz! Are you ever!

(Jane) #40

Yep. I don’t have a blood meter, but a cheap breathalyzer and when it trends upwards when I am fasting, my pee sticks get darker.

When it reads low after I went over my carbs, the pee sticks are barely pink.

The pee sticks aren’t worthless for me. N=1