Fiber study from 2 Keto Dudes ep. 140

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On episode 140 of 2 Keto Dudes, I believe Dr. Mason said something like, “the only study about fiber that I found was out of Australia, and it found that complete elimination of fiber from the diet resulted in a reduction or elimination of all constipation symptoms.”

Does anyone remember this mention? I am looking for the study and it is not in the show notes. Can anyone please help me locate it?

Thank you.


Not sure if this contains what you are looking for?

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My opinion about fiber is that we eat too much it, it is necessary in very tiny amounts (to nourish the good gut bugs) but my choice of fiber would be an unripe green banana or a raw sweet potato stick occasionally.

Over-eating carbs/grains (including bleached) every day? (let’s get real?) To me that is the equivalent of stuffing your gut with raw saw dust; literally? (literally creating a petri dish in your gut to culture and feed bad and foreign bacterial strains)

And then your going to throw some refined sugar (sucrose; polysaccharides) on top of that? (really?) Meanwhile if your eating high fructose corn syrup and adding lactose (galactose) from dairy to your intake all that left over undigested fiber starts absorbing that HFCS (not blunting its absorption) and starts punching holes in your gut lining? (what a mess?) The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that everyone limit consumption of all added sugars, including HFCS and sucrose. FDA participated in the development of the Dietary Guidelines and fully supports this recommendation.…More

Amount is key and always will be the key to anything your eating or doing too much of one thing and not enough of the other, no balance?

I imagine a case scenario:

Where you have 30 boxes of shredded wheat; oh my goodness I must eat all this shredded wheat before it goes bad, why waste all this good food and besides providing energy, carb-containing foods such as whole grains and dietary fiber can lower the chance of heart and blood vessel disease, because “the so called experts” at the Mayo Clinic said so…

Now freeze frame hold that thought?

How much are we talking about eating?

  1. Everyday?

  2. Once a week?

  3. Once a month?

Will it have the exact opposite effect and up your chances on getting heart and blood vessel disease when you eat too much of it? YES IT WILL!

Soil based probiotics contain the entire spectrum for digesting all the big three; fiber, meat and fat compared to the store bought probiotics that either die in the gut or pass right though you; that contain strains that are more for digesting fat and meat not fiber. Soil based spectrum probiotics cannot be replicated, duplicated or cultured in a laboratory very easily that is what makes them so hard to study.

Thumbs up :+1: to Dr. Paul Mason!

The Entire Ketogenic Diet in One Sentence
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This is the study he is referring too.

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On my Keto journey I do eat a lot of fiber. It comes from nuts (pecans and macadamia), seeds (pumpkin, chia and hemp hearts), as well as powdered dark chocolate (cacao). I do not eat them to the extreme, but do snack on them during my 6-8 hours of feeding while I am on IF. The chia seeds, hemp hearts and cacao are mixed into unsweetened vanilla coconut milk for a smoothie every day, along with my C8 MCT oil. The smoothie is what I start my feeding time with. Definitely does keep me regular. I also use quality pre-biotics, pro-biotics and spore-biotics. My gut seems to be in very good health, compared to my years before Keto. No bloating, gas, or ?? Being a 54 year old male, my understanding is eating 30-40 grams of fiber a day, is good for me. I have zero constipation. Thoughts?

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What about resistant starch? It’s meant to help with digestion and is not absorbed into your body as glucose.

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I am never constipated, as long as I get enough salt in my diet.

(BTW, salt in the healthy range—10-15 g/day—also prevents me from getting migraines.)