Fermented pickles recipe questions

(Bob M) #61

I used this one:

The amount of sugar is really not that big, but I made two jars one time and put the amount in the recipe in there and also 1/4 tsp in one jar. I liked the 1/4 tsp better.

This time, I used slightly less than 3/4 tsp. I plan on giving these to my wife’s family, and I thought they might like them sweeter.

I had a bunch of mushrooms from Costco, so I made these. I do cut the tops, though, for at least the big ones. I also take these for my lunches. Put on beef, they’re pretty good to spice it up.

I looked for a recipe for fermented mushrooms, but couldn’t find one. Maybe there’s too much “bad” bacteria on mushrooms?

(Joey) #62

oooh. Sounds very tempting :yum:

(Butter Withaspoon) #63

Yeah fermented onions and fermented peppers sound great!

I’m making a push to ferment the rest of my sunchokes before they all resprout for spring. So much scrubbing! I’m one and a half giant jars done :heavy_check_mark: I’ve been adding a bit of cabbage to these and it’s a fantastic improvement of intensity and sharpness. I feel like the cabbage gets the process going quicker as well. At this rate I’ll run out of fridge room - I’ll have to beg the neighbours lol

(Wendy) #64

My Husband made some. They’re alittle too salty for me. But have a great crunch and taste. You might try other veggies. Like broccoli, and carrots.

(Jane) #65

There is a recipe for fermented mushrooms in Shockey’s book but ut recommends using dried mushrooms, not fresh.

I ordered some Shiitaki dried mushrooms online to try.

(Bob M) #66

I had some extra brine and made carrots. My wife had a bag of the small ones that are already cut for “snacking” for our kids. I took those, the brine, some lemon slices, and a grape leaf and put in a jar for a while.

I thought they were good, though my kids refused to eat them. Darn it! That’s why I made them.

@Janie I saw that recipe with the dried mushrooms. I looked online too and could find no recipes for fermented (fresh) mushrooms. That’s why I made the Alton Brown recipe, which I like anyway. But I thought I’d find some recipes for fermented fresh mushrooms…but did not.

(Jane) #67

I am going to try the fresh pickled mushrooms also - sounds good.

(Jane) #68

I made the pickled mushrooms last night and I know Alton Brown says refrigerate 3 days … but I coudln’t wait and popped one into my mouth today - delicious!

So easy to make and I think I will keep a jar of these in the fridge all the time. I buy fresh mushrooms and sometimes they go bad before I can use them up. These will keep much longer.

(Bob M) #69

@Janie I really love that recipe. These make the perfect addition to my “meat” lunches.

I just went to Costco and was thinking of buying shrooms so I could make this. But my wife says we have enough shrooms at home.

Currently doing pickles, red onions, and hot peppers. The recipe for the hot peppers said to “coarsely chop” using the food processor. But I threw whole peppers into the food processor, which meant I either had huge pieces or mush. So, I ended up with mush.

Next time, I’ll have to cut the peppers first.

(Jane) #70

Yes, I cut mine up first and ended up with small pieces and fermented well.

(Bob M) #71

His long did you ferment them? The book implies you can ferment for months, and they’ll get better during that time.

(Jane) #72

3 weeks

(Bob M) #73

Great, as that was what I put on a little chalkboard I’m using to track this stuff. I’ll taste then. Since I made so much, what I might do is take half out (if it tastes good) and leave half to keep fermenting.