Female, keto killing my libido

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This happened to me as well. It lasted for more than six months, maybe even as long as eight months. I’d seen such a dramatic improvement in my depression and anxiety that I wasn’t willing to give up, but will admit that the decrease in sex drive was a highly frustrating side effect. The good news is that it did resolve itself, but the hormonal healing, as I like to think of it, takes a good part of a year.

(Alex ) #23


Dont take this the wrong way, but have you ever considered maybe this is just due to external influences of life itself as opposed to the diet you’re on?

Sometimes, the body responses are the extension of the status of whatever personal relationship you have with your other half / not?

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Yes, the cortisol levels will eventually start to go back to normal or flight or fight responsiveness to dietary stress (metabolic shock) because we are so accustomed to the high octane carbohydrate diet, the body (metabolism) eventually says “…ok we are not starving here, not much of the same kinds of food available, we are going to be ok!..” it is about physio-psychologically or neurologically adapting (neuro-plasticity) our physiochemistry to telluric based foods and conquering fragility and resilience created by a conscience ridden transparent carbohydrate/glucose dominant life style which are bad metabolic homeostatic circadian conditions to what we as human beings were originally and naturally intended to tolerate and not-tolerate, to function optimally (more energy) by not consuming such a high intake of bad processed carbohydrates and why obesity is so prevalent!


Alex, I’ve not ruled anything out, but if it’s diet related then I would approach that a certain way, versus due to other factors.

(Alex ) #26

For me, stress, anxiety and tiredness is an absolute killer for libido.

not sure whether it’s placebo, but body confidence is a big plus, for example (again probably too graphic, sorry) - if I’m in the moment, and feel like I have body confidence, that self perpetuates the libido in the moment. You know like, feel good about yourself, have some natural swagger, sexuality, however you want to package it up.

I hope you get it sorted anyway, these things in my experience tend to arrive and disappear in very vague phases!

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Shawn Mynar and Leanne Vogel healthfulpursuit.com are resources I recommend for this issue.

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Hi! There is a question the OP asked that don’t think has been addressed. She has connected the lack of libido with the positive changes in mood stability. The question I haven’t seen addressed, even with an “I don’t know”, is: When “everything goes back to normal” will her negative mood swings return as well?

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I’ve had a similar experience. Lack of libido and increase in mood stability. I do feel like they’re related. I feel even-keeled (even more so than usual), but miss the highs and lows. It’s like all my hormones are low. I am perimenopausal, and I think the loss of body weight may have sped up menopause. I had more estrogen in my system while I was losing the fat, but now that it’s gone I feel absolutely no estrogen.
I’ve been doing keto for about 3 months, and am already in maintenance. Since eating a few more carbs the last couple weeks, I do feel better in all respects, including libido.


According to the graphic I found on healthful pursuit, my emotional stability and libido are consistent with estrogen dominance, which is also consistent with being out of ketosis. But my keto sticks are saying I’m in ketosis when I feel so vital, even mentally. I can feel the BHB production. But theres too much estrogen apparently which reduces anxiety etc. Something isn’t making sense.

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Tryconsulting with Leanne or Shawn Mynar and/or getting your hormones tested. You could be in ketosis but still estrogen dominant.

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Are you getting your period? Some women stop getting their periods when they start keto, and I would imagine that messes with libido, especially if one is not ovulating.


Yes, I’m still getting it. I also breastfeed a little still (really disappointed that keto didn’t tank my supply because I am ready to wean). I think I am usually lower in estrogen. Or I had more testosterone before maybe. Idk. I should probably get hormones checked.


So I’m still researching this issue and I think the libido problem is a sign that my thyroid is crashing. I asked my PCP to check my hormones and he said if I’m still getting my period the test will show normal ranges. That can’t be right.???

Does anyone know an affordable, reputable holistic/functional provider that works online and is really good with women, thyroid, autoimmune issues (not Hashimoto’s), and keto support? I don’t want to give up keto because the mood benefits are great, but I don’t want to do irreversible damage to my thyroid either.

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Do you have other symptoms of low thyroid or is it just the libido?


I’m no expert in this field, I’m not even a woman so what would I know, besides all this makes me blush …

But yeah I had a dip in interest when first going keto, with any weight loss I think the body switches off any ideas which require sudden bursts of energy … or least that’s how I rationalized it.

At first I wasn’t eating much, bad habit due to years of low-fat calorie counting mentality, this left me with low energy in general. And I was subconsciously avoiding fat but found butter and olive oil great, they are energy power houses.

For me keto has been a juggling act - too much, too little, just right … including this subject and frankly I faked it a couple of times to get by …

But later it all returned (with interest), all that keto energy comes in handy …

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@Alex99, you have a good point. Fat adaptation takes about 8 weeks, maybe longer. Your energy for all things will be lower until your body gets used to the new fuel source.


Edith, I’ve also had irregular bleeding, some fatigue and constipation. The latter two I assumed were an electrolyte issue.

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Maybe check out this link:


It might be because of too much of a calorie deficit. I’ve read reports of people loosing libido and people suggested increasing calories to fix it.

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Having your period does NOT mean your thyroid is OK.

Low libido, fatigue and constipation are also signs of thyroid trouble. As are dry skin, low body temperature (or feeling cold when others aren’t), hair loss, and many other symptoms.

I don’t know of any good doctors that treat people remotely. Are you near any major metropolitan areas?