Fell off and kept falling


Once upon a time I was over 300 pounds. Did super strict keto and got down to 179. Now I’m back up to 265 and feel pretty gross. Hoping to shed all this extra weight. It doesn’t belong on my body anymore. Let’s go!

(ANNE ) #2

Good choice! Staying on the horse is a tough ride. Good luck.

(Jane) #3

You got this!


You were me!!! and so many of us!!!

I lost all I wanted and was happy and boom…went off plan and I paid the price like you :slight_smile: so you hang in and GO AGAIN and this time, it is NOT ALL about the scale…make it more about a personal mindset on changing how you view food in your life to add to it and not take from it, to make that body mind connection we need to ‘make the life long change’ click. YOU DEFINITELY got this cause ya did it before, now you know what to do…now embrace the ‘whole big picture’ of why you are doing this! Wishing you the best it sounds like you don’t need any good luck at ya :slight_smile: you are gonna do it!! Happy you are back and motivated!


You can do it again! And practice makes - not exactly perfect but better :wink:
I went off keto hundreds of times and now I couldn’t do simple low-carb for long if I wanted :smiley:
We need to learn and change.

But don’t stay away for this long away if possible, okay? Come back quickly, keto food can be very good! And you want health, looking, feeling and functioning good alone!
And if it’s hard alone, come and chat with us, it may give the small push you need when you are actually ready to come back but something tiny interferes…?

I am cheering for you!

And I am curious, what is super strict keto for you? :slight_smile:


BEEN THERE! Almost exactly! One thing I’d recommend to my former self then would be to track and not under eat so I could keep the metabolic advantage of having a higher metabolism from being bigger for as long as possible and not slowing it down prematurely and making the rest of my weight loss hell.

You did it once, you’ll do it again. Sadly, I think we almost need that one good relapse sometimes to really cement in that we’ll never do it again!


Thanks all for the support!

Back again, haven’t really gained any weight since I was last here in a April but I haven’t lost any either. Too many people in my life who don’t eat keto, I need to be strong this time! October 1, 2021 is day one! #SoberOctober(from carbs)

(Laurie) #8

Great to see you back. I know how it is – both being stuck at a weight, and peer pressure. Remember that we are people in your life too! Come here for support whenever you need to. Daily check-ins might help. Best wishes.


Thank you @islandlight! I will check in here more often and learn to say “No thank you” to everyone shoving their sugar filled treats in my face all the time. Lol

(Jane) #10

Sorry you have to deal with that.

Last night I attended a neighborhood dinner party of 10 and the only one who declined dessert. I used to get sad emphatic looks but they are used to me by now. I always smile and assure I am not being deprived.


yes this is hard.
I had a good bit in my change of life on my eating plan where this kinda got in my way ALOT and I had to buckle down and say screw this all, I am doing FOR me and yea I upset the applecart in the family. Eating out I reined them in point blank. Wanting to visit ice cream joints with me around I said NO. I said you guys go out later and get ice cream, leave me at home! So I annoyed the family alot LOL but NOW I am just accepted, they work around me, NO ONE ever shoves food at me or even says do I want this or that and we fell into a very normal lifestyle working around me and being carnivore so…yes it can all change! You make it happen! You will figure it out, the others will stop shoving stuff at ya and the harder you lock down, when that food is all around you at some function, you feel more pity and sadness for those eating ‘the junk’ and you look at food in a whole new light. I watch people eating stuff and think, wow you couldn’t get me to eat that stuff come heck or highwater now! And I feel for their health too…just knowing how that inferior food and tons of sugar is just slowly rotting away their insides…but hey it is what it is…we can only truly control ourselves and what you do with your eating and lifestyle is, again, all about what you desire and changes you want :slight_smile:

remember also people shove treats at you because they can’t put them down. They would like some change but not willing to do it and when they do see someone flourishing and changing and getting results it scares them a bit and they can unintentionally sabotage the heck out of you…so again, stay strong! This is all about you…not about them :sunny: best of luck, you dig down deep and you go all in!!


Thanks for the encouragement! I did do really well on keto back in 2017 and stuck to it for two years. When the pandemic hit it was like I lost all motivation, gained back a bunch of weight and haven’t been able to get rid of it. Hoping to this time!


yes the pandemic had bad effects on our emotions for sure, I think it was a very depressing and seemingly hopeless time for many. I am glad tho your focus is back on your health and your way forward :sunny:



I was organizing my closet yesterday and I have soooooo many size 32 and 33 pants & shorts that I can’t fit into right now (currently a men’s size 36 waist). I also have tons of nice size-Large shirts that I can’t wear right now either (currently an XL). More than half my closet is devoted to the skinnier me and he wants to wear all those clothes!

(Laurie) #15

Yes, clothing is a great motivator for me too!


Wow this thread shows how pathetic I am… Lol. I still never stuck to keto since announcing my return so many times. Here we go for try number 5862 (exaggerating, but yeah).

I do have a reservation at an Italian restaurant this Saturday but other than that there’s no birthdays or celebrations coming up so I think I can do it this time!

Let’s go!


Just did 70 minutes on the elliptical, I needed that. 8.3 miles, feeling good.


You’re not pathetic.

Well done for coming back. It’s so difficult when you’re surrounded by people who don’t eat keto. It’s partly why this forum is so helpful because you are surrounded here by people who do eat keto.

Daily check-ins, as suggested up-thread, might be helpful for keeping yourself accountable in the beginning; we’re all cheering for you.