Feeling Fed Up but know I can’t quit! No other options but really deflated! Help?

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Posting here because I’ve searched the forum and finding hard to find the right place to ask this. I’m sorry if I’m starting a thread I shouldn’t be starting but I have used the search function and the only posts I can find don’t answer my question or are over a year old.

I started keto 24 June - my hbA1c was 5.5 but that’s after I’d worked hard (without knowing keto existed) trying to adjust my diet to remove sugar and starches anyway over the past couple of years due to being told I was prediabetic and diagnosed with PCOS two years ago. I listen to 2 Keto Dudes religiously. I also devour anything written or recorded by Jason Fung and Megan Ramos. I’ve been doing IF for a few weeks now 20:4 OMAD with my feeding Window closing 6pm but I rarely eat after 5pm. Slowly slowly I saw my weight come down by another 2.2 pounds (1 kg) after my initial 5kg loss (11ish pound loss after staring keto on 24 June then plateauing two weeks in). I’ve done two 36 hour fasts over the last two weeks. When doing OMAD 20:4 IF I have trouble eating more than 800 - 900 calories in one feed without feeling seriously ill, and on “feast days” I have trouble going over 1500 calories without feeling like I’m going to throw up - I have never been a big eater. I am consistently eating 75 to 80% fat and carbs are rarely over 15gms per day 1 to 5% - I am careful with protein. I stared doing a 20km bike ride once a week (a disciple of Richard?) and i keep my heart rate in endurance zone or fat burning - I’m moderately active daily anyway running around after two kids and working with children at work also. Sometimes I have long stints at a desk but it’s balanced out.

I felt great on Saturday after losing approx another 3.5 pounds after my 36 hour fast this week. BUT to my horror the scale today says I’ve put this weight back on over 2 days on the weekend plus more (around 5 pounds total!) this is after I finished my 36 hour fast on Friday AND a 20k ride on Sunday! All the weight I thought my fast finally helped me lose is back plus more! This seemed to happen the moment I went back to a 16:8 window over the weekend and attempting to “feast” (still keto!) by increasing my intake to over 1500 on sat and sun after hearing from Megan Ramos on 2 Keto Dudes (Switching it Up) how important it is to feast when not fasting.

I am so So SO deflated. I don’t know what more to do. I don’t want to give up on this but it’s so frustrating. I had lost almost 6kg since starting keto lifestyle back on 24 June with starting weight of 91kg (my goal weight is 68kg so I feel like this is SO slow going when I hear others losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks :frowning:

I started doing 20:4 IF for the last few weeks trying to break the plateau then did two 36 hours this week and week before and finally lost 1.5kg - I have been KC and KO but now all that weight is back again plus added extra and I’ve worked REALLY HARD! I’ve never stuck so firmly to anything in my life before and yet today after this result this morning I’m just so deflated and fed up. It’s really hard to keep going with results like this. Any advice?

I’ve just started another 36 hour fast and I’m 13 hours in. I’m feeling really so sick of it all but feel I have no other options left but to keep going. I guess I’m just looking for some hope to bolster me. So disappointed after working so hard for so long to see scale today at 87.3kg after being down to 85.6 two days ago.


You are on a steady decline so what it sounds like is you are getting impatient. Stop that. It is possible to have your weight fluctuate 5 pounds in any given day. The trick is to look at your weight on a weekly or monthly basis, IMO… I’m one of the slowest losers on here but whatever, I’m not in competition with anyone else. I started this wow 1 day before you and last time I weighed (3 weeks ago) I had only lost 4 pounds. I think you just need to be more realistic and slow down your thought process on this. It sounds like you are doing good IMO

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Are you sure this additional weight was not water weight induced by your exercise?
I could have written your post, I’m stuck on the feasting vs fasting days too. Following cause I’m interested in the replies.


What @kiwado said ^^^

Also, if you’ve listened to Megan Ramos a lot then you know that for women in particular inches count more than pounds. I read your post pretty fast so I may have missed something but the impression was intense stress over weight (and over a relatively short period of time). I would adjust all three of those: 1) stop stressing (stress decreases insulin sensitivity and can cause fat gain all by itself), 2) start measuring and stop weighing for the time being and 3) take a much longer view of success.

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Your whole post focuses on weight. I totally get that because it is my main reason for doing keto and it is hard not to fixate on the number.
As a woman our weight loss will almost never be 20lbs in 2 weeks - with a few very lucky exceptions, and bouncing weight is part of life. I agree with the other posters that exercise induced water retention is a good possibility along with monthly hormone cycles and a hundred other things.
To change the focus a bit, how do you feel? How is your energy? Are you sleeping well? How are your PCOS symptoms?
Weight is one data point for success but your body may be healing other things at the moment, so try to find other data points too.


I agree with everyone else’s posts, but would just add that you haven’t got loads to lose so that can be harder, & also that I often do similar to you, 2x 36hr fasts in the week, & then 3lbs can easily go on over a weekend, without overeating! As long as the overall trend is down, try not to stress… but I don’t practice what I preach & found the last month before I reached target weight very frustrating, so I know how you feel!!

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Thank you! I feel like we need a venting place in the forum just to let rip before we get on our bikes again :slight_smile: thank you! You’re right I know you’re right.

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Nope that’s the problem I’m not sure and wish I was! I went on another 10 km ride today - I feel so great exercising! I have NEVER said that in my 45 years before!
Listened to another Jason Fung podcast and started another fast. I refuse to quit! I just get so fed up sometimes when I feel like I’m really working really really hard! Whine whine whine!

(Martha Mac) #9

Yep I’ve been measuring and have lost around 5cm around waist all up and I know my face is thinner. I just saw the extra pounds on the scale this morning and snapped! I needed someone to smack me about before I stupidly gave in I think. I wonder how many people here just feel like “OH NOES! ALL THE WOES” sometimes with the ups and downs and is it water weight is it sneaky carbs, have I made sure my macros are right? Is it just me?

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Yep you’re right I’m focusing on weight because everything else is going great and I’m being a brat who wants ALL the successes! I was actually ok with the slow weight loss though until I saw all the gains this morning! Slow I can do! Gains!! ?? Hmmmm I don’t like the gains!!

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Thank you thank you I just needed some keto style TLC and couldn’t talk to anyone else about this without them saying “well that’s because your diet is stupid and doesn’t work! Told you so!” That’s part of the stress I think. The expectation that others put on you when they see you eating differently! “Any wonder you can’t lose the weight when you’re eating so much bacon, butter, wagyu rib eye!” Ya know!?!?

I needed to vent to people who weren’t going to say that to me. Thank you!

(Deb) #12

I’m going to throw in my thoughts to you because your routine sounds like mine was last year, and tje whole year that I was in a desperate stall.
I fasted, did evert IF protocol that exists, changed things up and around, worked out, ran, lifted weights… you name it, I tried it. I ate less, then more, then fasted days, lost, gained. I was on a constant war with the same 10 lbs!
I finally got smart (thru this forum, once again!), and started testing EVERYTHING I ate, reset my macros, and STOPPED FASTING. I am pretty sure between that and cardio (which does nothing for fat loss), they tanked my metabolism. After that, and finally going into ketosis (I never actually had!), the weight comes off effortlessly.

(Martha Mac) #13

Thanks. Yep I’ve been so tempted to stop fasting and exercise but then also see my blood ketone readings fly to almost 6mmol/L as a result of both and think ???

I know I’m definitely fat adapted and have been for a few weeks at least. Maybe not so much the first 3 weeks but definitely the switch has flipped for me there. I think I’m expecting a lot more loss after knowing I am now fat adapted. I see all the people with the 2 pounds a day stories and think “Man! Shuddup!”

(Deb) #14

Readings for both ketone and blood glucose can change temporarily after exercise or certain foods or any number of things. When I started testing, I kinda got hooked on it. Then realized that it’s a tool, but results are what matter.
I know my bg triggers. I know my “fat” triggers: dairy, cheese, nuts, which I limit.
And I only do Slow Burn strength training. It works for me.

I think trying each change for a few days gives an pretty good idea of what your end result will be.
Chase result, not numbers.

(Martha Mac) #15

I keep tweaking and eliminating and trying something different and then start thinking maybe it’s all the tweaking and eliminating and trying different things that is the problem :joy:

(Bunny) #16
  1. One half 1/2 of that weight loss is more than likely water weight (common occurrence);

  2. …the other half is probably actual fat loss i.e. various adipose tissues;

  3. …and some percentage of that gain could likely be muscle mass?

Playing with the math on those three factors I would not rely on the scale so much and more on maybe body composition with a tape measure and document those numbers, your getting healthier (most importantly?) despite the frustration?

(Martha Mac) #17

Yes I’m healthier for sure. I bought my bike in January and tried a couple of rides and could barely make it to the corner and back without wanting to die. I pulled it out a couple of weeks ago though after becoming fat adapted and feeling that “switch flip” and now I’m riding 10 and 20kms and only stopping due to time restrictions! So yes! Much much much better! I need to stop and count my keto blessings. I’m hoping the extra weight I saw this morning will mean nothing to me in two weeks and I’m vowing not to step on the scales again for at least another two weeks because it’s getting me down when I have so many other benefits I could be focusing on!!

(Bunny) #18

Never give up and keto on :+1:

(Garry (Canada)) #19

Quit trying to force the weight off. It will come off naturally. Follow what works for you. Don’t try to be SuperGirl. You WILL be successful, just be patient.
Maybe you need to relax, and just eat like a normal person 2-3 meals/day keeping ratios 75/20/5, Nothing to lose trying!
Good luck. You are on the right track. Stick with it. :slight_smile:

(Leigh Thomas) #20

Throw your scales away and focus on how you look and feel. 20 years (don’t know how old you are) of insulin resistance can’t be fixed over night and it may take a year or 2 for your body to heal.