FEB. 2023 IF/EF Chat Thread (All welcome)


But why? It’s starving…
I can’t understand its popularity…

Not really. It feels normal to me (because I experienced it :D) THOUGH I actually get hungry when I fast too (and then I eat)… But it’s nothing compared to eating a little and then STOP. It’s a way higher level hunger for me. But if someone isn’t like that, it’s still not good to have a way too big deficit (if it’s possible for the one in question, of course)…
And anyway, FAT! My precious fat! But no, it’s the calories for me, first of all.

(Bob M) #22

@Egg For 36 hour fasts, I usually just have a normal meal. For longer fasts of say 4.5 days, I started to do something like have some stock, wait a while, have an egg, wait a while, have a smaller meal. (Not sure why Fung doesn’t recommend eggs - 1 hard boiled egg is barely any calories, yet gets your system primed for eating larger meals.)

I used to eat a normal meal after fasting that long, but that seemed to cause some digestive issues. I can’t say this won’t, but it seemed the issues were lessened with a “soft landing” of smaller amounts of food to start.

As to transitioning to low carb, I can’t help you there, as I always transition back.

@Shinita Some people like PSMF better, and I think it’s easier than fasting for many. Here’s a description of a study where they looked at people who did 2 years of PSMF:

Some people here have success on it, too. I just happen to find it difficult.

(Kevin Ruther) #23

@ctviggen I’ll try stock first next time I EF. I think it wasn’t a hard no on eggs from Fung. They just mentioned that they observed some people having problems with eating eggs as the first thing coming off an EF.

(KCKO, KCFO) #24

Link to March thread: