Favorite recipe sources?


I have explored a few from Die Doctor, wholesome yum, and a few others

What are your favorites?


OK, Diet Doctor

(Bob M) #3

Maria Emmerich’s books.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #4

Headbanger’s Kitchen and Keto Connect.

Also Harlan Kilstein’s site has keto recipes, though I don’t know if all of them are.

(Bob M) #5

Don’t know if you’ve seen this:

This has a variety of sites, including ones with recipes. I get a lot of online recipes here.

Though, if you know what you want to cook, you can just search for it. For instance, “keto fried chicken recipe” or “paleo fried chicken recipe” or “low carb fried chicken recipe”.

I still like books, though. Call me old fashioned – or maybe just “old”. :wink:


Hadn’t seen this one. Looks interet]sting


I subscribe to these YouTube channels for all kinds of recipe ideas:

(Jane) #8

My favorites are

All Day I Dream About Food
Headbangers Kitchen
Keto Connect
Caveman Keto


I’ve posted this the other day, I’ve used most of the sites listed there. I also use a lot of Julia Childs and Jacques Pépin’s French recipes, just have to make slight modifications to some of them, no web site, I still have a big collection of cook books