Fatty snacks to fill up to satiety


(David) #1

Does anyone have any handy tips for fatty snacks I can make simply and take to work?

Or, even better, buy the components of, and put together without ‘health’ equipment (as @richard called it in the recipes episode)

(Guardian of the bacon) #2

Purse Bacon

(David) #3

I took 5 rashers of streaky bacon to work this morning smothered with cream cheese to snack on until lunchtime, and some boiled eggs. I am looking for some variety.

(Scott Shillady) #4

Bacon is the answer to all thing :bacon::honey_pot:


Some of my staple snack items are cheese sticks, summer sausage, macadamia nuts, almonds.

(David) #6

I mistakenly forgot to take a packet of bacon out of the freezer this morning, so it’s all frozen until tomorrow.

I’ll have to get up early and check in the morning.

Or, go to Greggs in the morning for a double bacon barm and black coffee for £2, and throw the barm for the birdies at lunchtime, and some butter in the coffee.

(David) #7

oh, and today I managed to totally ignore the delicious looking muffins, and Frosting covered Belgian buns that some inconsiderate bastard brought into work today.


(David K) #8

I prefer the term “walking around Bacon”.

(David) #9

I got some Macadamia nuts earlier this evening. I saw a packet of Macadamia, and cranberry but then I saw the carbs. GEEZ !!!

I also found myself walking towards the Tiger Bread (which I like buying), and forcing myself to turn away, and then saw the aisle of bread, bagels, crumpets, and cakes, and heard myself saying “no, no, no, no, no, no” as I scurried though.

(Guardian of the bacon) #10

That’s what we call a live pig in these parts.

(bulkbiker) #11

Well done on the self restraint. I’ve found I can avoid most of the supermarket aisles these days…

(Mark Bousquet) #12

Avocados and a fresh jar of cumin to sprinkle on.

(David K) #13

How about “Pocket Bacon”? I don’t carry a purse.

(David) #14

One of the good things about my shopping trip today, was that I was listening to the recipes episode of the podcast, and @carl reminded me of a couple of things I wanted to put on my list but forgot to. I was tempted to go and sit somewhere and listen to the rest of the show. LOL.

It made me realise how many ‘goodies’ that I usually buy when I go shopping:-

  • Frijj
  • Tiger Bread
  • Yoghurts (the 500ml pots, which I eat in one sitting)
  • 2 packets of biscuits, e.g. Rich Tea, which I frequently eat half a dozen with a cup of tea with a sugar (NO SUGAR IN MY TEA for the last 3 days, since I watched a Dr Fustig video).
  • ‘Healthy’ fruit.

(karen buroojy) #15

We call it POCKET BACON - my ski instructor daughter’s favorite slope side snack!!

(David) #16

Oooh, I like that. I bought an avocado today too. Nothing particular in mind for it, but I knew I’d find something. Right, I need some spice to put on it. hmmmm, might have some in the cupboard.

(Guardian of the bacon) #17

Sounds good :+1: Make sure you have no holes. :scream_cat:


Search for Fat Bombs.

(thefeatherdustersllc) #19

I carry around cheese, olives, macadamia nuts, cooked bacon, a little container of guacamole w parmesan crisps. Also, a thermos w bulletproof coffee or tea is good.


Pork rinds.