Fat Secret app query

(Miss E) #1

I’m a bit confused. So far the way I’ve been reading this is to minus the fibre from the total carb amount but I’m not 100% sure if the sugar grams are included in the total carb amount or if I’m supposed to be adding them separately?

I know there’s an easy way of working this out but keto fatigue won’t let me >.<

(Joan) #2

What ap is that?

(Miss E) #3

It’s called “fat secret calorie counter”

(bulkbiker) #4

Looking at that display the sugar is included in the total carb count.

(mykittashi) #5

yes, subtract the fiber from total carbs to get net carbs. I used that app for a short time, but had already gotten comfortable with MyFitnessPal and then got to a point of no longer feeling the need to count as carefully. I say ignore the sugars overall, almost everything has some naturally-occurring sugars. If you see something with a high sugar number, consider whether that food is really keto-friendly (premade salad dressings are usually loaded with sugar).

(Miss E) #6

Thanks guys