Fat Fasting

(Ketopia Court Jester) #1

My body is finally giving food the stink eye. Like, all food. I literally do not want anything. Okay, coffee with cream, but that’s holy.

I’m gonna dip my toes into the fat fasting swimming pool and see if I float. I’m hedging my bets with fat bombs because I’ve got a pair of adrenal glands that hit the panic button faster than an L.A. soccer mom hits her horn in a Starbucks drive thru at the first sign of bodily stress. We don’t need to go into that episode of “Why PTSD Sucks.”

Anyway, about fat fasting…anybody done it long term? I just absorbed the 2 Keto Dudes Protein Controversy podcast and the whole “fat people can thrive on fat alone” thing really clicked. I always go with whatever feels like the next logical step, that’s how I transitioned to keto with zero “flu.”

(holds nose, does cannonball into pool)

(KetoMarine) #2

I did my first 24 hour fast last week. I had never done one before but after being on Keto for a month and a half I thought it was time. I hit a wall at about 15 hours so I just punched thru by not thinking about it and my hunger went away. I felt great once I reached the 24 hour mark and ready for my next fast.

My next goal is to do a 3 day fast and build progressively to a 7 day fast.

Good luck on your fast! You can do it!

(Ketopia Court Jester) #3

That’s great but I meant fat fasting, as in eating only tiny bits of fat here and there throughout.

(Lee Jones) #4

I’ve just done, unbeknown to me at the time, 3 weeks of mainly fat fasting and after initially being dissspointed with a perceived lack of progress (bloated stomach) it appears I lost around 7 pounds.

See my ‘Advice Please’ post for an idea of what my eating look liked for 3 weeks.

Good luck with it :+1:t3:

(cqtcmg) #5

I’ve tried three times to do a fat fast. It was harder for me than actual fasting. I think the taste of food just made me hungry.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #6

I’ve had this recently, too. Weird and annoying.

(Lee Jones) #7

It sure is Bacon, I’ve lost fat from every other area of my body in abundant amounts but the belly area is still problematic for me.

I would t mind but many of the LCHF articles I’ve read suggest that belly fat is first to go.
Yeah righttttttt :persevere:

(Brian) #8

My typical day is about 12 to 14 hours pure fast (except diet sodas) then 16 oz coffee with about 3 Tbs MCT oil and 3TBS Kerry Gold unsalted butter spread over several hours then back to fasting so total fast/fat fast about 18 to 23 hours per day. seems to work ok for me. was doing about double the fat during the fat fast but believe that kind of messed up my metabolism so recently backed down to the 3 TBS of each Kerry Gold and MCT and upped my evening protein portion from a few oz to about 16+ oz (rib eye with added butter) and seem to be doing better and loosing weight again. am I truly Keto, not sure, seems to be doing better than my very high fat intermittent fasting and low protein. Was the intermitant fasting and high fat with low protein messing up my metabolism?

(Ketopia Court Jester) #9

Tell me about it. Grrrrr.

Although…I just put on my gardening-in-the-mud jacket and I was swimming in it despite my belly still looking like I’m smuggling throw pillows out of a Kmart. Maybe everything is reducing equally and maintaining an unfortunate body-to-belly ratio.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #10

UPDATE: Body didn’t want fat fasting, just a lot less food overall. The fat fast turned out to be a quick way to empty my stomach and level the playing field. Eating tiny portions now, body very happy.

Body is Zod. Zod has spoken.


My boobs are the first to go

(Ketopia Court Jester) #12

Holy crap, no lie! I’ve become quite skilled at folding deflated mammaries into old bra cups.

(De Anna) #13

I’ve done 4 3-day fat fasts. I really like Dana Carpenders Fat Fasting cook book. The recipes are quick and easy, and I’ve lost a couple of pounds each time, but I agree that water fasting is actually easier. I really appreciate completely removing the focus on food from my day. Fat fasting is good (1000 Cal per day, 90% of those Cal from fat) but I found myself constantly thinking about my next meal. For me, it’s better to just focus on water and salt.

Also, as recommended by Jason Fung, I like to do 3 days of high fat meals before an extended water fast. It’s not exactly fat fasting because I don’t count calories, but it is high fat. He recommends avocados, bacon, and olives to satiety. I call it “Fatting before Fasting”. Incredibly I find it easy and really helps push into fat adaption before jumping into a water fast.

(Dean) #14

So have you been improving on the panic stuff? I have dont two 46hr fasts in the last 2 months and both times i had to quit because i got to panicky.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #15

No, “panic button” was a metaphor. I don’t experience actual panic. A lifetime of trauma caused CPTSD which caused adrenal fatigue which led to cortisol overload which exacerbated metabolic syndrome. Fasting stresses my body and makes it all worse, so I don’t.



(Bacon, Not Stirred) #17

Don’t mind my cackling in the corner. I’ve lost from my hips, my boobs, my butt, my legs, my arms, face and neck… Of the weight that I’ve lost, the least amount of inches has come from my stomach - where I need the most loss.


(Bacon, Not Stirred) #18

I. Just. Died.

That was amazing.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #19

Not in front of a mirror and a panel of fluorescent lights, it ain’t. (shudder)

(Rosi ) #20

I really want to be able to fast, but I am not sure I want to give up my coffee with HWC every morning. It makes me feel warm and happy inside. So do you think a fast that included this coffee with HWC would be okay for a few days? I know that this isn’t a zero calorie fast because of the HWC, but I wonder if it would be effective in triggering some weight loss and autophagy?