Fat and protein: how do they fit into macros


I’m very new to Keto and could not find / overlooked the topic in the FAQ section (sorry). Using an online calculator my macro’s are 60g protein, 20g carbs, 92g fat. I’m not sure how to classify i.e. salmon or eggs since they contain both protein and fat. I hope someone can explain this to me. Thanks!

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You find out the amount of protein and fat in what you eat, and those are the macros for that day or meal. You select foods to achieve the macros you’ve set for yourself.


So I divide the fat and the protein in i.e. salmon between the two macro’s?

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Just google ‘protein grams in salmon’ or ‘fat grams in salmon’ & you’ll get the numbers per 100 grams. Weigh your salmon & calculate. An app like cronometer can take the guesswork out.


Thanks, I just downloaded this great app!!

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Hello, I am very new to the Keto process and I have been using the Atkins website to log and watch my carbs, fats and proteins. I also like their mobile app because you can scan foods to get the dietary information. Does anyone else use this website or mobile app? I think it has helped get me started. I was very confused with the macro’s and figuring out exactly how many grams of fat, and protein I needed. Today as I was reading posts on this website it sent me to a page where you can get help finding out what your macros should be or specifically what your fats/proteins and calories should be. It was extremely helpful. So when I figured out that stuff and went back to the Atkins website, it was exactly as they say. I just stay on the low side of what they suggest for me.


Google aside since it should say, but note on this depending on how you set up whatever you track with, if you’re in the US or Canada when you track it labels will be giving you grams per serving.

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I’m partial to “lose it”. Great app. Will show macros for free. I liked it so much that I upgraded, whether I use the extended features or not. Good luck!



I use the Fitbit iPhone app and their Log/Food web page … I also use cronometer (just the free version) for a 2nd opinion. It’s pretty popular. I prefer their browser version over the iPhone app … but each to their own.

Just enter the food item and it’ll work out the macros. Sometimes you have to manually enter them in from the label though.

But by far and away the most important thing to track is the 20g carbs.

As for macros you don’t really even have to track them. Just “eat to satiety”, that’s full-ish not jam packed-ish. When you are in ketosis it’s pretty automatic from there (within reason).

If you eat some sort of meat and veggies with butter or salad with olive oil you’ll nail the macros.

If you guzzle MCT oil by the pint with 6 stix of butter and HWC on top in each cup of “coffee” - then you probably should track all your macros.

20g carbs is the answer. And catch any hidden carbs which sneak in …