Fasting schedule?

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Technically no, but everyone has a different outlook.

The bone broth has protein which would break it, coffee technically breaks a fast but it’s splitting hairs there. If you need bone broth than you need it. Fasting is a tool that allows the body to clean your systems out and help brain function.

Your goals define how you should use it, and what level of health you’re at.

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There are many different types of fasts

fasting 101 This is a quick overview for fasting for beginners

I personally have a tbs of butter or coconut oil in my coffee when I fast. I fast to promote autophagy and drive my insulin down, so I don’t take in any protien or carbs during a fast. Many use bone broth for electrolytes. I drink lots of Keto-aide


My goal with fasting is to lower my fasting blood glucose. I didn’t think about the bone broth having protein thanks for the information.

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In that case some sort of electrolyte source could be used if necessary (light headed). The thing about fasting blood glucose really can waiver in the beginning before adaptation. Once adapted glucose needs go down thus roaming glucose goes down.


Light headedness was my concern. Been LCHF for 9 mo and have done IF frequently. This is my first 3 day “fast” I was chicken to go water only… hope to next time…I want the benefits!

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@Staci_Bates Good luck with your fast! Hows it going so far?

Im 16 hours in a planned 48 hour fast. I use coffee, bone broth, and fat as needed and try not to rely on it. But i’m sort of with you… a bit “Chicken” to go water only.


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Honestly that’s a huge jump to physically hit. Not everyone can jump into a fast that hard without working their way up to it. Just a forewarning.


I ended my fast tonight it was 48 hours. I think I just enjoy intermittent fasting more than the longer fasting. Maybe I’ll give it a go again in a week or two.


Good luck with yours as well!

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I agree, I do like IF better. But for me longer fasts have been extremely helpful, especially around the holidays.

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Can you give me the name of the FB group?

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I work for them. Check out our many fasting protocols.

Also, search “Zorn Fast” in this forum. A new one starts next week!