Fasting schedule?


During that 4 hour window, do you graze? Gorge? Have two meals? Consume max macros? How do you eat during that time?

(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #22

In terms of food I used to eat one normal meal but I used to have a bulletproof coffee and something sweet (like some keto chocolate mouse) spread over the 4 hour period.

As I said, now I mostly just eat once a day and water/coffee the rest of the day - I feel that the hunger pangs have gone completely now and don’t need to fill up with fat bombs or BPC.

Hope that answers your question!


How often do you enter an extended fast? I’m reading about autophagy and find the logic behind it well, logical but I haven’t uncovered how long between fasts is optimal for cel rejuvenation


Thanks, Mark. I agree - seldom hungry during the day, do IF comes easily but during my window, while I start off well, I end up inhaling everything that is lose about an hour after my dinner but still within the eating window! I’m having a hellacious time curbing it. Wasn’t sure if that was just “normal” after a short fast

(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #25

Initially that’s why I used to take BPC and some kind of fat bomb so that I fill as full as possible - before going Keto i used to constantly gorge on food (even if not hungry) all the time so till I got in the routine of only eating when hungry it was quite hard. But now I must say I don’t think about it! Currently just over my 2nd day of fasting (not sure how long I will go yet) and not feeling hungry at all.

(Charmaine) #26

I fast once a month (usually with the group) and typically do one meal a day most days. While I’m not exactly sure when autophagy kicks in and stays kicked in, I fast as I believe every little bit helps and it all adds up, even if doing OMAD or alternate day fasting.


Pretty sure the binging is psychological. Like you said - old habits, maybe. You’ve got about 5 more months in ketosis than I do here’s hoping the brain-games cease the longer I stay on track!

(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #28

Yeh I think it is! Good luck and KCKO :slight_smile:


Thank you. I managed 44 hours the end of last week breaking on New Years Eve. Is it too soon to go another several days? I want to be sure I reap the full benefits of autophagy so the recovering/feeding time is important but I’m having trouble finding an answer online. Loads about NOT eating!

(Charmaine) #30

@Callay fasting is really an individual thing and requires you to pay attention to your mindset and body. When I did an alternate day fasting trial run, I liked it for the most part - and it really ended up with me eating every 36 to 48 hours roughly. And my meals were nutrient dense so going that long didn’t bother me at all. You can give it a try and see how your body and mind responds to it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

(Guardian of the bacon) #31

It would serve you well to look up the new fasting book By Jimmie Moore & Dr Jason Fung.

(Chris McRoberts) #32

I have just skipped breakfast for the first time (I am a teacher and my lunch is at 10:45). I had bpc this am, and don’t notice any hunger. Just started keto 4 days ago

(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #33

That’s great! Good luck on your journey :slight_smile:

(Alex Dipego) #34

Ketosis is protein sparing. Once adapted to it your glucose needs are 30-40g rather than the 100-120g needed on a SAD. That being said your lactic acid build up along with glycerol breakdown from your triglycerides provide a decent amount of glucose which putting in the added protein you eat saves muscle from actually deteriorating.

The feeding window is based on a study shoring very little changed based on an anabolic signal from working out. Being high fat is anabolic. Fasting is anabolic with increased production of growth hormone which shows build up during a fast. Not eating in that window actually could help with weight loss when adapted because your FFAs and ketones are providing you with the energy for repair and recovery.


Thank you. I uncovered some guidelines after playing with my search string that sound promising, so I’ll be working two 24-36 hour fasts into each week for a while and watching to see if it helps with my pains and/or skin issues!
Everyone here is amazingly supportive!
Happy New Year

(johnaustin454) #37

Be careful @Chris262. Don’t try doing a fast until you are fat adapted.

(Chris McRoberts) #38

You know, it was fine until I ate,then I was just starving . Probably lay off the fasting for a bit

(Brian Miller) #39

What do you consider a 36hr fast(1day or 2 day)? Mainly what do most people consider the cutoff for each day (is it every completed 24hr span)?

(Becky Searls) #40

I actually just always find that to be to true in a 24 hour window! If I hold off eating until dinner I’m fine but if I “break the seal” so to speak I want to eat all day…I’m sure it’s more psychological than physiological…maybe even just social as I’m also a teacher and know that around 3:30 the stresses out hunt for chocolate tends to begin lol.
Good luck @Chris262 -how has it been going for you? Oh and weird but a fun ps-once you graduate to longer fasts the eating a lot thing is gone. My first 5 day fast I was SO excited to chow down after and could only eat a little.


Starting a 72 hour “fast” but will have black coffee and occasional bone broth. Is this still a fast?