Fasting schedule?

(beacheidi) #1

Would someone be willing to share what a fasting schedule would look like in basic terms?


(Mark Anthony Spiteri) #2

There is no real fixed schedule as such - you can adjust as you see fit. But someone of the most common intermittent fasting regime is to restrict eating to a number of hours per day. For example a 16:8 schedule would mean fasting for 16 hours a day and limiting your eating window to 8 hours. I used to do 20:4 meaning I just eat in a 4 hour period usually 5 to 9 pm.

Other ideas include:

  1. 24 hour fasts meaning you just eat once a day and fast for the rest (what I currently do)
  2. You can than do extended fasts - so basically you fast for more than a day.

Hope that helps.

(beacheidi) #3

thank you!

(Christina) #4

I fast 16:8 most days. 1 to 2 days a week I’ll fast until 5pm and eat during a 2 hour window. I’ve yet to try my first 24 hour but I think the holidays will give me a great opportunity!

(paddy0761) #5

Just be careful with electrolytes and minerals when fasting more than 18 hours. Research “Refeeding Syndrome” to be sure you understand how important this is. I’ve done 3 day and 5 day “water only” fasts, but I’d been eating a very healthy, nutrient dense Paleo/Primal diet for a couple of years before I tried fasting. I suspect the “healthier” you are, the less likely this is to be a problem, but you need to know about it, especially if you are considering extended (multi-day), water only fasting.

(Matthew Standridge DDS FAGD) #6

@beacheidi, have you done any sort of intermittent fasting yet? If not, maybe try going with a shortened eating window first, like consume all your calories from 12-8pm, skipping eating in the morning.

I started that way. Then would work up to a 24 hour fast. Now my max is 36 hours. Looking to do a 3 day in Jan.

Best of luck!

(beacheidi) #7

Thanks! I am not sure if I would fast at all. I do a high intensity workout every morning at 5am and I don’t want my muscle gains to suffer. I guess if I did, I have my window from 6am-2pm or something like that. I go to bed at 7:30pm every night and due to my lap band can not rest peacefully unless i stop eating at least an hour before i lay down. This was helpful, tho!

edited to say: my first stop is getting into ketosis !

(Matthew Standridge DDS FAGD) #8

@beacheidi that sounds like a great plan. Ketosis certainly makes it a heck of a lot easier. I know some folks can fast without Ketosis, but I’m not one of them.

(johnaustin454) #9

Every once in awhile some of the group does an extended “Zorn” Fast to complete it in a supportive manner.

This sometimes lasts a couple of days. No pressure to finish it though. You can drop out of the fast if you want to.


(johnaustin454) #10

Hey @beacheidi.

Not sure if you listen to the 2ketodudes podcast but, Richard consistently does a 300km bike ride fasted.

Not trying to pressure you to do the same but, doing workouts fasted is possible. Some people do marathons in a fasted state.


(beacheidi) #11

Thank you John. I have been binging on the podcasts since last Thursday and have heard that.

There is a lot of different views on fasted cardio and training. I actually do fast before my workouts (getting up at 4am and going hard by 5am makes that easy!) but for muscle definition, I am following the view that you need to eat (usually high carbs YIKES!) within an hour of lifting to get the muscles to pop. i can’t do the carbs because of triggers – so i don’t worry about that. but i do need to refuel before i start the rest of my day.

losing fat and gaining more lean muscle is my focus right now…not so much exercising for the health of it. lol

(Doug Stone) #12

There’s a FB group that recommends eTRF(early time restricted feeding). It’s basically a 16:8 IF schedule but done early. So they recommed eating within 30 minutes of waking up & not eating again past the 8 hrs after mark. This allegedly has advantages for circadian rhythm & weight loss. Many of them say they get much better weight loss results and that the later they eat the more it hinders weight loss. I’m still looking into this & experimenting. It’s been a bit hard for me as iWork laterrhours and get kind of hungry. But for those with early schedules anyway it could be ideal.


You may want to check out the Exercise section of the forums. We have a lot of people who do weight training as well as cardio.

(johnaustin454) #14

Hi @redemptionsong888

Please let me know how your experiment works out. I’m interested in finding out if it’s something I should try.


(kristin) #15

I’m close to this without realizing it. Thank you for the info!!

(Doug Stone) #16

If you have been Keto for 6-8 weeks a 16:8 intermittent fast at least a couple of days a week should be doable. Keto makes all the difference. It’s not hard & I usually feel great during it. Wishing you the best on your continued journey!

(Charmaine) #17

Intermittent fasting and/or doing extended fasts won’t diminish your muscle gains at all. I usually have OMAD (one meal a day) and currently, I’m in the middle of a 21 day fast. At the end of the first week, I broke my leg press PR by 10lbs; both my strength and power were improved on all of my lifts/presses and cardio is no issue at all.

I’ve been keto since May, started experimenting with fasting in June and have progressed from that point on. I don’t stop my workouts when fasting, though I may modify them a bit as to not stress my body out trying to keep up with the energy expenditure. I also allow myself some fat and protein as needed, nothing that would take me out of the fasted state, but enough to keep me from crashing energy wise and to keep the chills at bay.

(beacheidi) #18

@Charmaine thank you for this information. I have not had much of an appetite the last couple days – yet my workouts are improving. I workout with a heart monitor (orangetheory) and i have increased my time in the aerobic zone (Fat burning zone). there may be something to this wacky WOE! :wink:

(Charmaine) #19

You’re welcome! This WOE is very helpful!

(johnaustin454) #20

Have you looked into Mafetone or MAF training?