Fasting one's for the experience, advice needed

(Vic) #1

I want to do a more extended fast one’s.
Just so i can experence it.

Water only?
Water with some bone broth only?
Water with some salt?

Yes or no

What about duration, what should I aim for?

No easing in to it, i prefer to do things head on, full speed.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #2

Just to experience?

OK - 4 days, that is 96 hours. Water only. If you’re going to fast, fast. Enjoy!


I would fast until it’s somewhat comfortable, only water (maybe tea if warm liquid is totally needed, it is for me).
But we are all different. I wouldn’t even think about salt in the first 3 days under normal circumstances but if I felt dizziness, I would eat some. But many people needs it on the first day.
3 days sounds very nice to me but only if it’s comfortable enough. Determination tends to help.
Of course, it matters how much energy we can get from our fat reserves… I had plenty of extra fat on my first, longest EF, I got hungry after 5 days but I was obsessed with food towards the end (without real desire to eat. part of me wanted food, probably while the rest didn’t). But it was fun and I satiated my curiosity.

I would eat very well (but not too late) before to make the first day ridiculously easy but this is individual too I guess.

(Laurie) #4

Depends what you mean by extended. I’ve done 40-hour fasts. This is considered by some to be a good length, for various reasons.

And it’s pretty easy. Let’s say you stop eating at 8 pm on Monday, and don’t eat again until noon on Wednesday. Voilà! A 40 hour fast. Only 1 day and 2 nights, and you’re sleeping (not eating) at night anyway.

(Vic) #5

Thanks all,

“Die-hard carnivores refuse to eat” starts sunday evening.

(Karen) #6

Good luck with your first fast.

I fasted a week (5 days) when my childrens father walked out on us. No food no water but i was traimatised … lost a tonne of weigh, that was in 1991 but havent done anything like that since.

Since starting keto back in May i have always eaten from between 10.30 and 1400hrs and stopped eating between 20 and 2100hrs. So i guess i have a fasting window? Quite fancy giving it a go sometime … i take it it has some benefits to the digestive system?