Fasting for as long as I can make it


As the title says, I plan to fast until I can’t take it. I’m at three days in when I write this, although I’ve used scivation a few times (bcaas) when I’ve been working out and also drinking an occasional zero cal (which actually has 10 cal per 100ml) drink that’s available for free at my gym when training or using the sauna.

I’m drinking a cup or two of bone broth also.

I’m planning on culling the supplements and either going direct salt and water, but having the broth on standby just in case. I’ll try this and see if I can cope without them.

I also take bromocriptine 2.5mg a day which theoretically should be taken with food, but my dr said I can see how it goes. Felt a lot of nausea and light headed-ness today in the morning, but it cleared up once I’d done a light training session and around 12 minutes in the Finnish sauna.

I figured I’d write this to try and keep a record for others, as I’ve benefitted so much from the other posts.

If my fitbit aria wasn’t a giant piece of poo I’d be able to track the weight nice and easy.

Other than that I’m just going to plonk everything else here in order to keep it organised.

Edit. I decided that an arbitrary goal will be when I can see my abs.


Ok so we’ll call this officially day 1, even though it’s kind of Day 3.

So after faffing around with my scales they’re working again (who knows how long for). I’m currently 77.3kg @ 21.3% Bf.

I think I made a critical mistake of not going keto again before starting the fast, but I felt like I just needed to jolt myself back in to this stuff again. Feeling good when I woke up, no real signs of hunger any more, and after I got on the scales I decided to also do a front and side photo. Don’t think I’ll do this everyday, but maybe once a week. No exercise today, apart from some very casual bike riding. I rode to the Ausländeramt here to pick up my visa extension (I’m an Aussie living in Germany) and back 30 minutes total. Then rode to work, where I plan to write these updates. The ride normally takes 30 minutes, but it was around 35-40, and probably will be also on the return. I’ll try and keep better numbers on anything.

So from now on it’s just water and salt, with the occasional vitamin dissolved in water.


Well, at the end of yesterday I decided to keep supplementing and forge through.

I went to the Gym Friday and I felt absolutely horrible, but pushed myself through a few sets of weights plus 12 minutes in the 90 degree Finnish sauna.

Came to the realisation that I need to stop taking some medications as it’s making me feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, and my Dr. concurred.

Bodyweight friday : 76.4kg @ 22.4%


So, I guess I can now call this officially day 6 of the fast. As in, I haven’t actually eaten anything since last Sunday evening and it’s saturday afternoon now.

I felt pretty good upon waking, and decided that I’m going to do the bone broth and occasional keto cana to push me through the day.

I had extensive bouts of diarrhea throughout yesterday, which I suspect was either the “zero calorie” drink at the gym or the medication I was on. Either way, I’ll stop both for now and just forge on.

Decided to add back coffee (as I’d quit that since sunday as I’m more of an Ice Coffee kind of person). So I’ll have the occasional espresso with heavy cream, some broth, salt, water and maybe ketocana when I’m feeling crap. Although now that I’ve hit day six, I’m feeling a bit more positive.

Currently at 75.5kg’s and 22.1% bf, but as we know the bf measurements on these things suck.