Fasting during Christmas

(Ruth Beardsley) #1

I am on Day 8 of a long overdue fast, and Christmas is bearing down on us!
I plan to “fat fast” 24th and 25th in a bid to keep Ketones up, then carry on until 31 Dec.
Merry Christmas everyone!


Cool you are doing you!! Whatever works and you got it covered is the right way forward as you see fit.

For me, eating probably a lb. of bacon to start the day with filet mignon and jumbo shrimp as Xmas Eve meal…then for Xmas meal, we are wanting a few monster rack of pork ribs. I am on in for a rack for me with, hmm, maybe just some chicken breasts to float out my day in good form. That is me personally and my plan (carnivore) and how I am doing my way forward.

I wish you all the best in handling your plan thru the holidays! That is all any of us got…doing the plan that works best for us at all times and just holding on and getting success!

Merry Christmas Matamoros!