Fasting and international travel advice

(Garry Weil) #1

Two years ago I spent a lot of time traveling from Portland west coast to all countries around the world. I was not Keto at that time, just low carb. I have been Keto for about three months and this Friday I am planning on traveling from Portland, OR to Nurnberg Germany. My first long trip since going Keto. I am pretty good at sleeping on these long flights.

I am trying to figure out my eating/fasting strategy for this trip. My itinerary is;

  • List item Portland OR to Newark NJ ; 5:50 AM to 1:56 PM (5 hours)

  • List item Newark NJ to Munich DE; 5:30 PM to 7:20 AM (7:50)

  • List item Munich DE to Nurnberg DE ; 8:55 AM to 9:30 AM

My thought is to intermittent fast, from dinner Thursday, the first flight and then have lunch in Newark NJ. Then intermittent fast, after lunch, the second flight to Munich DE. Then have lunch in Nurnberg DE.

Any thoughts or recommendations on this plan?

Thanks !

(Jennifer Kleiman) #2

Airplane food is terrible, definitely worth turning your nose up at it & fasting on the flights. Sounds like a plan to me but I am used to regularly fasting.

When I travel I bring a Contigo autoseal travel mug with me, along with a salt shaker, a few packets of coconut oil, a bunch of my favorite assorted tea bags, a liquid monk fruit dropper, true lemon & true orange packets, and packets of unsweetened cocoa powder. That way I can ask the flight attendants for hot water for tea, or black coffee, & add stuff to make it tasty, shake as needed to incorporate a bit of coconut oil if I like and not have to suffer their terrible and inadequate beverage selections.

(Garry Weil) #3

I have been doing intermittent fasting 3 to 4 days a week for a couple of months. I only eat airplane food when in upgraded to business class. I bring some roasted nuts with me in case. This trip I have bought some MCT oil powder so I can have my bullet proof coffee. If things go as planned, I will sleep the entire flight from New Jersey to Munich. Thks for your tips, those are good.

(Keto Travels) #4

I used to do this- only eat in airports. Works well and flight attendants were very kind to give me all the extra water and hot water I asked for.

Haven’t done it myself yet but some of my friends swear on extended fasting when crossing multiple time zones. They will fast the day before and all during travel, and then only eat on arrival during the destination‘s normal eating times. They swear it helps with jet lag and since they DO seem more awake than me and have less trouble sleeping I will try it when traveling From Germany tho the west coast in 3 weeks. Curious to see how it goes!

(Jim Letourneau) #5

That’s a lot of time zones! I like your plan as you’ll be able to control what you eat in Newark. If I wasn’t hungry in Newark, I’d just keep fasting until lunch in Nurnberg. As long as you get the alert feeling from fasting as opposed to the sleepy/stuffed feeling from eating you’ll be moving in the right direction.