Fasting and Carnivore

(Ilana Rose) #21

The induction phase for Carnivore is a month or longer for many people. A week isn’t a good trial as your body might be freaked out much like at the start of keto.


I totally prefer Carnivore to Keto. Simple as can be. Who doesn’t love meat. Eggs. Bacon. Ground Chuck burgers. I’ve gone from IF, to Keto, to Carnivore still trying to find the solution to trimming down a 50 year old body that’s been abused by food in all it’s forms! :smiley:


So glad to hear that. Sounds like cutting out dairy may be the key for me.

(George) #24

Freaked out how? If it’s just an odd feeling, then I can handle it and will push through, but if I end up not losing or even gaining weight, then I’ll freak out LOL, mainly because I want to keep on track with the timeline I set for myself. I just want to see what if any changes happen when I cut out the last few carbs I currently consume

(Ilana Rose) #25

The same sorts of issues people have during keto induction. Fatigue, brain fog, ravenous hunger, diarrhea, constipation, and yes, even weight gain sometimes. It’s like keto, not like an egg fast. A week may tell you nothing about whether it’ll help you in the long term.

(George) #26

Now that I think about it, I did do 5 days that were pretty close to carni (with the exception of a TINY bit of avocado here and there, and some feta cheese) just because I wanted to empty out what I had in the fridge, so beef, bacon, sausage, and eggs covered most of my plate, plus a 48 hour fast right after and I felt pretty good

When weigh in day came, I lost very little weight, but I also had MUCH larger portions than normal every day I ate. I extended the fast by 1 more day, and lost 3 lbs overnight (weird) LOL.


What does a typical day of eating look like for you now?

(Ilana Rose) #28

I used to OMAD but since starting strict no dairy carnivore I’ve gone TMAD just to get in the required calories. Usually at my first meal I have something like fish or fried fat back. I’m using lunch as a time to get in various extra nutrients I’m worried might be lacking from straight muscle meat. At dinner I have one or more meats. Last night it was ribeye, chicken thighs, and sausage. I only ended up eating the ribeye though. the rest was leftover.

I am still having a single cup of coffee in the morning. That’s my only non carnivore element atm though. I expect to continue this for a while until I’m either convinced it is making a difference or it isn’t.


So I did strict Carni for 16 days. I added in some cheese and salad vegetables, not much really, and seem to tolerate well. I lost 4 lbs during the two weeks.

I have since resumed 24 hour fasting x3 per week. So far I have not gained or lost, though I think clothes are looser.

I do think that to resume loss I will have to do another month total carni period with some 48 hour fasts. My current feeling is that the carni WOE is very beneficial and I am convinced that dairy really does hold me back.

Moving forward to lose my last 15 lbs I will focus on carni and sticking with a stricter fasting regime of the 36-48 hour level, as 24 hour fasts, essentially OMAD, doesn’t really work on the body as well.