Fasting and Carnivore


Just wondering anecdotally how many carnivores here who are still in a weight loss phase also practice IF and EF? What has your experience been?

This is my second full week as total carnivore (no dairy). I definitely realize that EF is harder on carnivore for some reason, on the other hand 24 hours has become effortless. I just don’t want to fall into OMAD and slow down my metabolism, so I would eat 2 or 3 meals at least every other day (ALWAYS MEAT, and preferably USDA Prime NY Strip from Costco, Grass fed ground beef, or bacon).

I am about 16-20 lbs from my goal (we’ll see if that goal is actually what I thought it would be, could be that I need to lose a bit more), and I have dropped down to 24hr x 2 or 3 per week. I used to do 36 x 2 or x3 per week.

So far I am down 55lbs since May 2016 and the beginning of my big keto, fasting, carnivore journey, but would not have gotten this far without Dr. Fung’s fasting protocols. Occasional EF seems worth it to me just for the autophagy.

Am 6’5 dude currently at 230, aiming for 210-15 neighborhood.

Any thoughts about carnivore IF/EF?


I can’t OMAD on Carnivore, much less EF. I’ve settled on TMAD and that has worked for me.

(Robert C) #3

I wound up with the opposite result.

I did Carnivore for a short time (with a small amount of dairy) and found that after eating, I was usually hungry again (making something like OMAD difficult).

It was not like being driven to hunger like carbs somehow do, it was more like lack of satiation. A pound of 80/20 ground beef goes down at noon and by 3 or 4 I’m ready for a whole Ribeye (which doesn’t happen to me on Keto meals involving more variety).

But, if I punched through the first few hours of hunger, EF (3 to 5 days) was no trouble.

(Cristian Lopez) #4

I would recommend doing these things…

-make at the most a convenient 4-10 hour eating window
-discipline its all about discipline, Ill be honest that at the current age of 16 and doing 18/6 - 16/8 fasting for 2 years now ITS super easy!!
-Try no dairy as caesin is like the worst protein in my opinion, It turns into a gelatiness goop when its being digested which slows down its digestion( ALONG WITH ALL YOUR OTHER FOOD)

  • eat the same cuts you eat already but I think volume and variety of types of amino acids/fats are things that can change you fullness
    Must haves for me when I go carnivore in winter are
    -SF jello (sweetend with ethritol or stevia)
    -club soda + water ehancers/stevia + lime or ACV
    -Hard boiled eggs
    -Home made Bill tong
    -Bone broth
    These were some of the compliements too my meals that kept me full till the next day. And note, I did cross-fit fasted and still went 2 hours afterwords without a twitch of hunger

Just some tips of mine, Just emphasizing that volume and playing around with types of fats and having maybe using stevia or other natural non caloric sweeteners in Tea,beverages,etc (At your discretion, Tbh ive accepted the risks but have found no profound effects in consumption in moderated amounts)


No offense and I do really commend your devotion to improving your health. Keep it up.

But at age 16 you have not yet faced any of the issues people twice, three times, and even four times your age have faced. Your recommendations fit well with your age group.

Again, no offense but I’m now once again wearing jeans 10 years older than you.

(Cristian Lopez) #6

Maybe giving them a try may help,
Regardless of age?

I mean the fallacy that I’m younger and I don’t understand issues people have is correct to a point but I spend a lot of time reading other people’s experiences and using trends of solutions too help other people.
Better yet maybe using some of the things I do can help too…

Again there just suggestions and guaranteed solutions…


It looks like her IF/EF age is 2 which makes her twice as old as me. Lots of people are dietary infants. The focus shouldn’t be age.

(Ilana Rose) #8

I just don’t buy that omad slows down metabolism. I’ve been mostly omad for two solid years and my metabolism has increased steadily.

(hottie turned hag) #9

Me too; started eating once/24h and keto Aug 2017 and dropped weight (and had many other awesome changes occur) like mad. I also can fast 72h easy, and 48h without even noticing. I have LESS hunger when fasting since dropping cheese and veg.

Now, I am sedentary; the only exercise I get is walking the dog ~2h/day. Not sure how this factors in.

I dropped cheese and veg weeks ago and went from 122lb to 116lb as of this week. I had stalled at 122 for months.

My one meal per day (I count/track NOTHING) is fairly large ex: a pound of bacon, or a big steak at a sitting.

(Elizabeth Stern) #10

You’re obviously not a postmenopausal woman who has spent decades restricting food. :grin:

(Ilana Rose) #11

The latter is true but the former is not. I’m 53 in August. But until I hit menopause I did not struggle with my weight much and never restricted much more than cookies and ice cream for a few weeks to drop a couple of pounds.

(Ilana Rose) #12

I’m finally giving up on cheese today. This one will be tough!

(hottie turned hag) #13

@Elizedge Girl I am INDEED a postmenopausal old bag. Aged 55, went through menopause at 49. See some of my posts describing my case if you want details. Like Ilana Rose I never had a weight problem until menopause so no I haven’t spent decades restricting, that part is true.

@Ilana_Rose Oh you have no idea. I was eating 16oz Galbani mozz with roma tomatoes DAILY and I MISS IT like crazy. The stall made me so mad though, I tried the only thing I knew to try. Was thrilled when it worked! But still super sad about the missing mozz :expressionless:. I intend to add back just 16oz per WEEK after getting to goal weight (110lb).

(Karim Wassef) #14

I’m OMAD carnivore and I’ve done EFs both carni and vegan. It’s all mental.

The trick with carnivore is cut back protein and go heavy on fat the day before the EF.

(Karim Wassef) #15

You’re turning 53? You look more like my little sister who’s in her 30s! Great going showing us all up… :smiley:

(Ilana Rose) #16

Thank you @Karim_Wassef! :hugs:

That pic was actually taken the winter before last (so 51) when I finally, after at least a decade where I couldn’t, felt good enough about my body to get into a bikini again. It was a very happy day and all down to keto.


I appreciate your input. I am more than twice your age, but I wish I had known about all this stuff back then. Good for you being part of this community!


After reading this string of conversation, I’m thinking Dairy may be my crutch. I probably eat too much cheese, love butter, coconut, heavy cream in my coffee. I’m not gaining but I’m not losing. Started out Keto but quickly switched to Carnivore. Was hoping to start losing and see some changes.

(George) #19

Which do you prefer of the two? I’m trying out going 100% carnivore next week, zero dairy just for the hell of it, but if the scale doesn’t continue moving then switch back to including veg in meals

(Ilana Rose) #20

I’ve recently gone full no dairy Carnivore and I can’t believe how many calories I was consuming before in hwc and post dinner ‘dessert’ cheese.