Fasting 5 days, Feasting 2 for a month


I ended up feasting another day. I had sausage and eggs again when I got off work and will have baked salmon for dinner. Will fast tomorrow through Thursday as long as my body is willing. I am down 1.5 pounds since yesterday. So now a total of 8.5 lbs in 10 days. Fasting blood glucose 114. Funny, the last time Iong term fasted, I craved avocados. This time I am making sure to get plenty of potassium, and I am craving salmon (which I generally will eat but don’t LOVE.) Maybe I need to add some fish oil to my fasts.

(David Cumming) #22

I am really appreciating your posts because I too am not losing weight on the ketogenic diet, despite not eating a whole lot and doing plenty of exercise. I hate fasting and was hoping to avoid it but I have no choice. One question I have is on many other sites/books (Dr Fung in particular), people talk about getting over a hump on the 3rd or 4th day, then feeling great and hunger decreasing dramatically. The most I’ve fasted is 3 days and I’m in agony (irritable and obsessing over food). I notice you are breaking your fast on the 4th or 5th day. Do you feel like you are getting over a hump on those days? Have you ever considering continuing for a longer fast or do you feel like you have to break your fast when you do?


@David_Cumming For me, the first day is the worst. Day 2 a bit easier and 3 and 4 is a breeze. But generally on day 4 I am obsessing with food. Considering I haven’t missed many meals in my 50 years, that’s pretty good. At 3 to 4 days, I have several factors. I usually feel fine energy wise, but I start getting verbally “edgy”. Not good for someone who works with the public. My husband starts to worry a bit about when I am going to eat again…either that or I am bitchy and he is hinting lol I am not sure I would do a longer fast. Mostly I love food, I have to cook for my family yada yada yada. If I get the results I want in 5 days (or 3 or 4), I feel very comfortable doing several shorter fasts, rather than one long one.


Fasting again, finally. Mind set is right and I will fast until Thurs at dinner, feast through Friday and start another 5 day on Saturday. Beginning to think that 2 days refeeding is not enough for me at this time. FBG 119 and weight remained the same (even after feasting a few days). I did have my salmon, that seemed to satisfy me, and fasting is coming easier.

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FMS - more power to you. :slight_smile: 5 days fasting/2 days eating is aggressive, but hey - whatever works. Or even close to that.

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Good luck. When I do a worker’s fast and break it earlier than I intended, I try to go keto until next week.

One tip that I’ve been trying from a recent 2KD podcast is a small amount of salt, every 2-3 hrs, or as needed, applied directly onto the tongue.

I also tend to drink a lot of coffee and I had no idea how much salt that sapped from my body.


My doctor has asked me to put this experiment on hold. He is going to do some baseline bloodwork in a couple weeks, and wants more accurate keto numbers. Then he said go for it and we will retest after. Gotta love an open minded doc!

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Did you go back to this regimen? I’m thinking of trying this exact regimen in January. I’ve done a five day and found it ok but would like to do it for a month. Monday to Friday then eat at weekends just to see how I’d do

(Justin Jordan) #29

Brenda Zorn is doing it right now

(Antoinette) #30

Thank you!