Fasted 2 days and gained 2 LBS?

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I have been keto since 2016 and doing IF (18/6 then changed to 20/4) since 2019. Recently I decided to trying a longer fast of 48 hours.

In the mornings I have the same routine every day. I get up, use the bathroom and the weigh my self. After day 1 of fasting my weight was unchanged. After day 2 I have gained 2 LBS. I did a Ketone test and I am in Ketosis but only slightly (normal for a long term keto diet). I have been drinking alot of water and only food is my normal Vitamins.

In the past 6 months I have gains about 20 LBS and I dont want to go back. I have added Cardio (I use to just weight train). At my worst point I was 380LBS (6ft 4inches tall) I got down below 220 and was steady for multiple years but now I am hovering around 240. What can I do?

As far as my personal stuff
I Shoot for 70% fat 25% proteins and 5% carbs but it does vary some.
In highschool I was pretty athletically built but grad school and working at the same time killed that. I don’t know my body fat % or muscle mass… At my worst I was insulin resistant but my doctor says I no longer am. My heath currently is good but the weight gain has been very quick and I am afraid that it may not stop.

It goes beyond the fasting, this is just the most recient thing I have tried.

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What are your macros? Maybe you need to eat more protein and less fat.


If you fasted, you surely lost fat. So what’s the problem? The scale?

  1. Personal scales aren’t reliable. But I think the culprit probably is…
  2. Our bodyweight fluctuates, it can be quite much, it’s perfectly normal. You never can figure out your fat-loss using the scale short term.

What to do? There are too little information, I don’t know about your bodyfat vs muscles, goals or anything, just your weight and height and past weight…

Keto and IF is a nice start but it’s not enough for all of us.

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That be it then.
Drink only to thirst.


^^ this

A litre of water weighs 1kg --> 2.2 lbs.

A cup of water weights just over half a pound (0.5216 lb).

Good news is that it’s an easy fix. Just wait :slight_smile:

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I’m very similar. Dropped about 30 kilos over two years but in the last year without any change in my diet or any of my activities, I’ve regained 8 kilos. And it’s just stuck ! Hardly goes up, which is a good thing, but it refuses to go down. I too can fast for 48 hours and either gain weight or remain the same.
I’m puzzled…
By the way, when my weight went up by 8 kilos, my fasting blood glucose dropped from a steady 6.2mmol/L to an average 5.7 mmol/L… coincidence ?


When you weigh daily you use that info to track trends, not the day to day. We always have flucuations in both directions.

You can start tracking your intake with something like cronometer and get an idea what you’re up against metabolically.

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I understand you’re watching the scale because you want to lose that extra 20. But if you can remember to when you first started keto, the most reliable indicator of your weight was your clothes and the changes in your body and how you feel. You are back on track now. forget the scale, track your food. You’ve got this.


Stupid scale. I clearly didn’t gain fat, I probably lost a little… But the scale showed +3kg after a week. And then again +1, I mean, it’s 4 total :smiley:
Odd as I never gain this much water, I basically never gain water, no matter what… But it seems my super stable weight (no normal fluctuations, very nearly almost always the same) is in the past.
I have fitting pants but that’s a vague information. And I can’t measure circumferences, never could.

Oh well, I will see when I will be slim but it would be nice to know if I go into the right direction earlier… AND I can’t imagine what my body does… Why would it need extra water when it never ever did this?

But I didn’t try EF yet. Maybe on Zornfast if my body will be cooperative but it rarely is.

Sorry, I just weighed myself and I was already not happy with my mysterious +5 kg in December (I didn’t do keto every day but whatever. I had to massively overeat for a few years to do that on high-carb in the past. maybe I changed. fine but THIS MUCH?).

But see? You can’t predict things. The body has the power to do strange things with its weight and it doesn’t matter it never did before, it still can pull it off.