Fast for 3 days

(Pri) #1

All, I am starting my fast today and planning for 3 days the least. Any advice guide will be really appreciated. I have never passed 20 hours of fasting. This time I am determined to get back to keto ride that I am on off since last 2 months.

Thanks in advance!!

(Marianne) #2

I just finished my first 72 hour fast on Friday. I didn’t have any issues except around the dinner hour. Keep yourself occupied if you can. You may have twinges of “hunger” that last for 15 minutes or so, but they pass. I really didn’t think it was bad.

Good luck.

(Stephen Readman) #3

Couple of things…

Try and keep busy if you can, it’ll keep your mind off food, and before you know it you’ll be heading to bed.

Salt is important, Megan Ramos recommends putting salt on your tongue then washing it down if you’re feeling hungry, and this can satisfy your hunger… personally I dissolve in water…

Remember that hunger comes in waves, if you start to feel it just ignore it and it will pass! I drink a large glass of water if I start to feel a little hungry …might help.

Good luck

(Susan) #4

I am just finishing my second 72 hour fast in less then 2 hours. I find putting some salt (I teaspoon) on my tongue -I use the Pink Himalyan salt- and then drinking water right afterwards helps a lot to keep your electrolytes up and curb hunger =). I do this as needed, a few times a day normally and then more during a fast. I drink a lot of water, and plain herbal tea (the flavours make me feel like I am eating something I think, but it helps and is soothing).

Just remember that if it is too much for you, or you feel really sick, you are doing this voluntarily and can stop anytime you like. I wish you good luck and happy fasting though =).

(Tyler) #5

I’ve never tried a long fast. I’ve only been doing Keto for one week and I’ve been using 18/6 which seems to work for me. I’ll be interested to hear how it’s going as I hope to do this in the very near future

(Susan) #6

I completed this fast, was meant to be 72 hours, I went over to 74, because I was making the meal, and then by the time I had it all ready, I only ended up eating a bit of turkey, and was full. (I made a full Turkey dinner, mashed potatoes,gravy, stuffing, vegetables for the rest of the family). After I ate just a bit of turkey while I was organizing my grand daughter’s plate (she is 3) I was just too full to eat any more. This is the problem I have been having; but hoping that I can eat tomorrow at 1pm then at 4:45 as I am wanting to do TMAD this week, with a 20/4. When I was attempting OMAD I just could not eat enough calories to make it work.

My goal for now is to do 20/4 daily and then some 24 hour, 48 hour ones when I feel that will work well into my family schedule, and do the Zorn Fast.There is a thread for that monthly were people do as many hours as they are comfortable with on the third Thursday of the month, everyone is welcome, so might be something that you might want to participate in next month =).

Best wishes with all your Keto journey =-).

(JM) #7


I have some when I am “hungry” - place it under your tongue for a few mins and you will be good to go for another few hours. I do this regularly when fasting.

(Raj Seth) #8

And - it will keep your electrolytes UP! Salt is the new GOLD