Fast food

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I am not a fast food guy and kids aren’t either but we have hockey starting up . Been told some days there might be a couple games same day and the teams usually go grab fast food . I know Wendy’s or McDonald’s or Burger King have burgers but don’t know macros as guessing lots of filler . If I had to eat I would just meat and mustard. How do I know macros . Could chicken but they hve sauce on and don’t like there salads

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The easiest thing to do is search for “keto meal X restaurant”, where “X restaurant” is whichever restaurant you’re going to. Such as “keto meal mcdonald’s”. You can often find hidden gems, such as a Five Guys ordering a “double lettuce wrap” and a third patty. Those aren’t on the menu.

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Thanks I did burgers before but always included bun and all the condiments .


A few restaurant references I’ve saved:

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The lettuce wrap involves a large amount of iceberg lettuce. Not even romaine, for heaven’s sake! For those of us who don’t want to run into an iceberg, Five Guys also does a burger bowl. It’ll bowl you over. :rofl: (Sometimes I just slay me!)

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We normally get both, the bowl for my daughter, and the lettuce wrap for me. I still like to pick up burgers to eat them. I don’t always, having eaten many by cutting them, but if I get the chance, I’ll pick them up using lettuce usually.


Burgers and toss the buns, BK does “low carb” whoppers (lettuce wrap).

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Thanks I know in the past before keto fast food in Canada and us different . Hopefully won’t need to use very often but will have a better idea if I do

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I don’t do this any more, but I used to: Just order a couple of “burger patties only.” The workers have heard it all before.

They might ask you what size patties you want. They might have to ask a coworker how to ring it in. They might ask you whether you want the seasoning salt or not (because lots of people get burger patties for their dogs and don’t want the seasoning). But you will get your burger patties.

I used to work in fast food. The patties were always 100% beef. This was in Canada.

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Order the burger plain and just throw away the bun. Add some blister pack mustard and mayonnaise.

(Laurie) #12

Ordering without the bun is cheaper.

(Scott) #13

I’m in Canada. Never saw or heard anyone order with no bun . I know a&w will do lettuce wrap for a little extra

(Laurie) #14

I used to do it regularly in Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s.

(Scott) #15

Are you in Canada too ? If I have to go do I just say a McDouble with no bun and just cheese and mustard or just mustard etc

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In the US, we order without bread all the time. Just say you like to avoid gluten (though if you say it’s an allergy, they tend to freak out about that). Often, they ask if it’s a preference or an allergy, so I assume they do something different if it’s an allergy.

(Bacon enough and time) #17

Five Guys has a whole procedure to prevent your meat from being contaminated with allergens, so I always make sure to tell them it’s purely a preference. No point putting them through all that fuss. I haven’t encountered the question anywhere else, at least not in my town.

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Goody Beats on YouTube and Instagram has been posting a lot about keto fast food options.

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I’ve definitely had it asked multiple places…though we only order out now, so it’s been a while. My wife refuses to go to an indoor restaurant, trying to avoid the 3 Cs, so when we can finally do that, I’ll see if I can remember where I got the questions.

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If that’s his current picture, that’s totally unfair. A crime against us men who still have flab! :slightly_smiling_face: