Family by the ton Show

(Marius the butter craving dude) #1

I just found out about this show with whole family mortally obese… I just can not wrap my mind how can you let yourself get there… and let your children…
Also most of those guys seem to have zero common sense knowledge of nutrition…I mean even before I went keto and started learning I still had a sense what was good and what food was bad and how I would temper myself if I had to many junk food for the next day. And the solutions and diets they take… standard cico…
Also this kind of extreams are common in the anglo-american world… Where they took the low fat high carb mantra way more serious than other nations

(Full Metal KETO AF) #2

I have never seen the show but have seen something similar, My 600 lb. Life. It’s sad that morbidly obese people have become entertainment fodder fo us on TV. Using a metabolically deranged person make us feel better that we only weigh 235 or whatever. I have been overweight since about age 28. But at 200+ lbs I would look at someone 300+ with chubby kids in tow and say to myself, God how can people do something like this to themselves and their children too. Then me at 250 lbs saying this has gotta stop. It’s too easy to judge others, we can only really be accountable to ourselves for our conditions and whether or not we want to be in control. I’m at about 180 lbs now and looking to be about 20 lbs lighter or even more as I get around better the lighter weight that I am. (Amputee).

(Marius the butter craving dude) #3

They do consent to be on the show. Yes the media is running to entertain us through all means possible, even through this people; but the reasons they consent to be on the show may be a cry for help to the world… I don’t know…
What is the effect on the general public… it may scare people who are heavy to take action… it may motivate…


Someone once made the very convincing argument that television programs that focus on the obese, or the Poors, or other such marginalized groups, and give us a leering view into their lives, are the modern day equivalent of freak shows, and I can’t unknow that.

Nowadays tho childhood obesity is increasingly rarely a case of “how could their parents let that happen.” Children are becoming insulin resistant in the womb. You have babies being born with insulin resistance, because the mother’s blood sugar levels are high, due to her eating the diet prescribed by nutritionists. Those babies will then be more likely to over-secrete insulin in response to glucose, making them predisposed to put on fat.

Once more this has to be treated like a disease rather than a character failing.

(Marius the butter craving dude) #5

Good point.
I would say that if they try to loose weight than they are doing the right thing, they are tacking responsibility… But if they follow SAD and nothing happens… then it is the medical systems responsibility… Same applies with children born with insulin resistance

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #6

You’ve answered your question. I think people think that if it’s allowed to be sold it must be safe. The more people learn about nutrition the more they realize other uninformed people made the rules we’re all suffering the consequences.

(Marius the butter craving dude) #7

I will admit I am being more judgmental in the market when I see overweight people buying loads of bread loafs (as I am with skiny people who do the same)…But I try to be humble and remind myself I was no better. I get that no one wants to get fat on purpose… But yet many people question the system to late… I do not know…

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #8

I think people know in their heart of hearts that this stuff is no good for them but there are many reasons folks do things that are bad for them and it’s not always weak character. Sometimes it’s comfort or habit or ignorance or they don’t have a choice.

When I’m about to judge the lady behind me who is unloading the junkiest crap onto the belt I think what if she has a really controlling abusive husband and two teenaged boys who will just give her hell if she doesn’t buy this stuff, or if she choose to cook for herself and get healthy. I don’t know her life and I shouldn’t judge her.

(Same with slow drivers, what if that person accidentally ran over a dog last week and is still traumatized over it. Just go around them.)

(Full Metal KETO AF) #9

I’m guilty of shopping cart judgment too, it’s hard not to be sometimes. I’m trying to do better, I think it was my ego trying to reenforce my new way of thinking and my resolve to not buy crap to put in my pie-hole anymore.

(Doug) #10

Good post, Marie. We all have our own stories.

Then they should recover in the slow lane? :wink:

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #11

You’re probably right about that!

(Sheri Knauer) #12

Because of the faulty nutritional advice and many are born with insulin resistance or hyperinsulinemia, the morbidly obese are most likely nutrient deficient. Their bodies don’t have the ability to extract the nutrients it needs from the foods they eat so they are seemingly driven to uncontrollably eat to try and get those nutrients their bodies so desperately need. And of course those foods tend to be the processed, hyper palatable kind that are filled with hidden and not so hidden sugars, bad oils, and chemicals.

(Marius the butter craving dude) #13

I do not know if they have nutrient absorption impairment or not… But their range of food is kind of nutrient deficient… I watched a show (forgot the name) and the doctor diagnosed a bed stuck heavy guy as malnourished.
Going back to the shows: I see as a good strategy first to teach them to get all their nutrient and vitamin needs from the correct foods and to get their calories from the correct source (yup I am talking fat). Yet the doctors more or less are advising CICO. If the patient is loosing weight it is just to get him to the minimal surgery safe weight to cut their stomach… What is the sense in all of this… ?
And yes… I get that what I see are the extreme cases… bud dam… they do find a lot of extreame cases to make season after season

(Sheri Knauer) #14

thats because there are a lot more extreme cases than ever before.

Yep, the same old, low fat, eat less, move more that still doesn’t work after almost 50 years of being recommended by doctors and dietitians. Don’t forget the heart healthy whole grains and avoid those artery clogging saturated fats.

(Scott) #15

I look at some of these obese people and truly feel for them. They have tremendous joint pain from wear, it is laborious to move and T2D is lurking if not already present. I do work sometimes in a dialysis clinic and that is no easy routine either.
It can run the gambit:
They are addicted to carbs and hungry all the time (I can understand this now but last year no)
They may feel defeated. I am sure they have attempted weight loss before.
Nutritionally they don’t know what to do. No education. I had to find keto it didn’t find me.
If they are in an obese family they may feel they are genetically locked into obesity.

There are times I wish I could reach out to a stranger to help them but I would probably not be welcomed, I think back to when I carried a fifty pound beer gut and if someone step up to say “you can fix that” I would probably say F you. Until both diet guidelines and the medical community can use keto as one of many weapons against obesity and T2D it will be difficult for the uninformed to be exposed to keto. But keto does seem to be gaining ground. I can’t wait to see what the diet landscape looks like in ten years.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #16

Spent 10 years on dialysis because of renal carcinoma. The renal diet is one of the most unhealthy carb ridden eating style there is. White bread and white rice are staples. Low fat AND low protein are highly recommended. Potassium rich foods are highly risky. The only good thing about it is they discourage dairy and potatoes. Bran has too much phosphorus so that’s what the white is all about. I had a transplant last December 20, 2017. Still struggling to correct the dietary damages and the development of post transplant pre diabetes due to prednisone which I am on for the rest of my life.

(Dan) #17

The only lower form of human life than people who watch this sort of “entertainment” are the people who produce the shows.

(Running from stupidity) #18

Maybe that’s where the dog was, though :slight_smile:


David, I finally realized the TLC Channel stood for “The Living Circus”.

Yep, my point exactly. :slightly_frowning_face:

Tom Naughton, of the Fat Head Movie, once said, after what he learned about carbs and fat adaption, he realized an obese person was someone starving on the inside.

Wow! That definitely changed my perspective.


I watched that show, guilty as charged ;). That said, it’s entertainment, not a documentary on 700lb people losing weight. I made peace with that and I stopped yelling and arguing with the tv… Born insulin-resistant contributes very little to their state, there are psychological issues that need more than those two visits with Lola - abuse (childhood, partners, family), pathologic relationships and dynamics, sado-masochistic behavior, etc. Dr.Now adresses these often, but the producers don’t really know what to do with them, so they focus on shots of morbidly obese people stuffing their faces…