Face Comparison 2 yrs apart


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Pic taken Dec 08,2017. Aprox 266-275 lbs. As I look at this pic, it seems like I was like a ticking timebomb. My diet was filled with sugar and carbs. Ate 6-8 times per day. 1-4 cups of rice per meal, all the bread and pasta, Ice Cream, cakes, many many baked goods, chips and doritos. Clothes were 2-3XL. Pants 40”. I was sure I was gonna die

After the 2019 holidays. I am 208 lbs here. Taken Jan 08,2020. After my 42nd birthday. Wearing Size Large Shirt and Jacket, Size 33x30 Levi’s Pants. No joint pains. Improved quality of sleep. Everybody tells me I look younger even all the way back to college. The skin cleared . Skin tags have stopped growing. My Acanthosis Nigricans have cleared and turned fair and light. The face look healthier and not puffy. All blood work are normal. This is a good indication that I have effectively repaired my insulin level and metabolic disease through changing my nutrition. I maintained Carbs to less than 50 grams per day, No sugar. May have some Monk Fruit, Erythritol, Stevia but maybe once per week only. I still do not count calories. I consistently consume animal fat, butter, olive oils, mayo, heavy cream, eggs, almond butter, leafy greens. With all that, my Triglycerides dropped from 118 to 55. Although I haven’t exercised since November 2019. I have the energy to work 10 hr days and attend Online Coding Class for 3 hours and squeeze in to cook dinner sometimes. My resting heart rate is 62 bpms compared to 90-160 bpms when I had Afib. This new way of life (WOL) works!

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Incredible difference. Congratulations!

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You have done amazingly well, JohnCarlo, you are an incredible inspiration for the rest of us -thank you for that. I am very impressed that your wife, and sister and other family members also joined in your Keto journey and lost weight too. That is wonderful that you were able to positively influence other loved ones too. You look much younger then 42 and will be able to really have a lot of fun with your little girl, I am sure she appreciates a much happier, healthier daddy too! Well done, and I wish you a wonderful, healthy 2020 with your family.

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You look amazing! Great job!

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Holy crap. Amazing. Thank you for sharing your story. So inspiring!

How do you deal with not eating carbs when others are around you? Can you share some coping strategies?

Also, how did you pick 50 carbs as your limit? Have you calorie restricted to get so thin, or is it just from dropping the carbs?

SO HAPPY FOR YOU. 42 here, too. I had lost 50 but gained some back. Working to get back to being “overweight” and not obese. I’m currently at 194, hoping to drop another 50. I’m feeling very optimistic about sticking with it and success like yours really helps me keep going.


Freaking awesome!

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Thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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thank you Deb!

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Yayyyyyy wonderful progress!! You look so much happier. :metal:

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Hi! Thank you so much for the kind words.

Regarding *"How do you deal with not eating carbs when others are around you? Can you share some coping strategies?"

It was hard at first. Being asian. Every meal has to have rice. But what really helped is when I made myself and the whole family understand the “evils” of Carbs and Sugar. What it does to our body. The moment we understood the science. Carbs was not that tempting anymore. Just like Cigarettes. When the people new that it increased Cancer by 10x and a whole lotta other problems… People just stopped craving or drooling over Cigarettes. I used to smoke for 10 years too and that I stopped when I saw the effects it had on my patients. COPD, Emphysema, HTN. When somebody smokes beside me, theres not one molecule in me that says “oooohhh smoke! i want me some of that” :slight_smile:

Regarding "Also, how did you pick 50 carbs as your limit? Have you calorie restricted to get so thin, or is it just from dropping the carbs?"

From what I understand about Keto. If you are trying to lose weight maintain <=20 carbs per day and if you are maintaining <=50 grams. The calories? I never counted at all. Exercise? I didnt start until after I lost 60 lbs. So with intermittent fasting and Keto , I lost 77 lbs in 8 months.

Hope that helps. :smiley:

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Very impressive!

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You look way younger in the skinnier photo! :smiley:

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Thank you! Too funny that my brother gave me Teenager Adidas Sneakers for my birthday. Stated “Since you are getting younger like Benjamin Button, and your fashion sense is reversing. Here is my gift.” I guess that was a compliment.

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Thank you very much!

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Great progress! Cheering you on :grinning:

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Congratulations! Began this woe July of 2018, by the next January, I’d lost 70 pounds. Though that part is wonderful, the best part is the way I feel. When people say, you look great, I say, I feel great. Went to the doctor for an annual checkup last fall. Made me smile when his assistant said, that’s the best blood pressure i’ve seen in two weeks - it was 91/62. And, I spend less money. Don’t subscribe to prepared keto items, just stick with locally sourced meat and fish and the local produce market. Oh, and I’ve become a fan of GOOD cheeses. This is the way I’ll eat for the rest of my life. These pictures are one year apart. At 68, I feel younger, healthier than I have in years.

My best to you.


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Congratulations Shaena, you look radiant and beautiful =).

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Wowza Shaena! Very very good job! It feels amazing right?? I cant stop talking about it. I would talk to a rock if it would listen to me about this WOL. Ive helped 16 family and friends and in 2019 we lost a total of 640 lbs!

By the way tell me about Good Cheese.

Ive been crazy about Kerygold Dubliner from Costco for $10 for 2 lb block.

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Wow!! Congratulations.