Face Comparison 2 yrs apart


(jcshrunked) #21

Thank You!

(Bob M) #22

That is impressive!

I never ate cheese (other than on pizza) when I was on a low fat diet. I do like cheeses now, and they have a good amount of Vitamin K2 in them, too.

(Shaena Peterson) #23

In the old days, my cheese was usually cheddar and often the shredded variety, which uses potato starch to keep it separated. Now I go with the good stuff. Costs a bit more, but there’s no waste and there was with the two-pound baby loaf of Tillamook cheddar :slight_smile:

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@london2z Cease and desist. You’ve posted the two same comments and variations on multiple topics. That’s rude and obnoxious. Please stop it. If you want to convince us of our folly, start your own topic and state your case. Stop trying to derail existing topics with your current pet theory.

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Thanks so much