Fabulous February Keto Meals

(Jane) #1

Share your fabuous February keto meals and inspire others!

(Jane) #2

Reposted from the January thread:

Lamb Josh Rogan (Indian cuisine) made in my Instant Pot. Was rich and yummy.

(Kathy) #3

Making one of my favorite tonight
“Stuffed meatloaf”

1/2 ground pork 1/2 ground beef blended well with minced onion, fresh garlic one egg.
I roll it out on parchment paper to about 1/2 " thick in a oblong shape.

Spread a marinara sauce, then some Parmesan, pile as much spinach as you can get on to it, pressing it down, at this point you can add what ever else you have, I like to use fire roasted tomato chunks, sliced onion, any cheese, I have used cream cheese, feta, grated cheddar, tonight will be goat cheese, top off with herbs of your choice, oregano, basil are my favorites.
Carefully roll up into a log, it gets a bit messy, but just patch as you go.

Mine are the length of a lasagna pan, so I bake it in one, leaving it on the paper.

Bake 375 for 1/2 hour
turn to 350
I sometimes loosely cover it at this point and continue to cook another 1/2 hour depending on the size.
Let it set 10 before slicing.
I make enough for 2-3 meals,(for 2) it freezes and reheats great, wrap in foil.


As usual, I bring my carnivore stuff here too! A bit blurry but I was hungry and it was just documentation, it’s not like I can make a nice food pic without sunshine anyway.

Pork jowl, omelet with bacon and sour cream, sausage, a tiny butter, little pork shoulder roast, sponge cake muffin, coffee with cream and egg milk.
It’s still not super simple but it’s quite simple for me nowadays…
I planned a fat fast day, I actually ate more of these and it was a cute 1700 kcal (or not as no one can tell the fat and protein content of my meats. the pork jowl was WAY meatier than usual) dinner in the end.
86% fat, not so bad, I go for 90% on fat fast days but I run out of pork jowl and didn’t fancy not eating eggs etc. It was a good experiment. Despite the high fattiness, I ate quite normal and tasty food! Not some tiny protein bites in a sea of fat, I wouldn’t like that at all.

The tiny cup isn’t visible enough but it’s a beauty! I bought 3 of them recently, a warm yellow, a light fresh green like young buds and a turquise one. They all have cute darker freckles on them and I adore them to bits. Very useful size to keep 1-2 yolks, melt some butter in them… And I try to drink coffee from them as I want to quit coffee but that is difficult and the next best thing is having TINY coffees. I had many of tiny coffees today but I felt the need for them.
If I get sunshine and remember, I will try to make a photoshoot with my lovely cups. Food doesn’t really motivate me, no idea why, I love food, I love nice food pics… But me making them? Nope.
But cups are better, maybe I can do that.

(Jane) #5

Pizza with no-sugar Rao sauce on Carb Counter low carb wraps. My own ground sausage with no sugar or weird ingredients.

Edited to add: this is a salad plate so mini-pizzas. I have one, hubby has two.


My very basic but lovely meal of cooked gammon joint and cheese. And coffee with cream. I still prefer carnivore meals 5 days a week, but eat some vegetables with the rest of my family on the weekend when we do our big roasts.

(Jane) #7

Pork belly burnt ends. Fork tender and lots of fat!

(Robin) #8

Oh, Janie… you seem determined to taunt me with your culinary siren song. So far, I have resisted licking the screen.


Janie I love pork belly. That looks delicious. I actually have some pork belly in the fridge which I will grill tomorrow. Today though, began with a simple snack plate, of cheese and gammon leftovers.

Waiting for juicy chicken thighs to get ready in the oven.

(Jane) #10

Chicken tikka masala from thighs.

Recipe called for a can of diced tomatoes but I had some tomatoes I put up in the freezer from my garden last summer.

(Jane) #11

Tilapia in a creamy Parmesan sauce with fresh basil. Riced cauliflower with onions, butter, cream and Parmesan

(Jane) #12

Chicken alfredo with shredded cabbage subbed for pasta. Added some onion and mushrooms also.

(Jane) #13

Peruvian chicken with spicy green sauce. Delicious!!!


The first half of today’s dinner (it was OMAD):

I have gelatin again so no one can keep me from eating my jellied fluff dessert! :smiley: (The bottom is jellied, the top is fluffy. It has anise, vanilla and cloves this time.)

I do proper carnivore now, hopefully for a loooooooooong time. And I quit coffee. Had plenty of egg milk and it was so nice even without butter let alone cream. Just eggs, water and flavoring.

(Jane) #15

Crustless quiche with heavy cream, onion, chorizo and cheddar cheese. Served with salsa and sour cream.


This is beautiful! The plate is already too much for this very colorful food, they seem to compete at being pretty :smiley:
Golden quiche, really lovely.
I should make quiche again, it was so long ago but when I had the thought, we always were low on eggs…

I have no photos these days but I don’t eat anything particularly pretty either. Or they are pretty but just the usual, now I focus my very tiny photo-making mood to the spring flowers. I saw the first crocus today and the first pasqueflowers yesterday… Of course there are snowdrops and hellebores since some time.

(Shannon) #18

Do you make your own chorizo, or is that store bought? Nice height on that quiche, many times my crustless quiche comes out quite flat.

(Jane) #19

I make my own Italian sausage but I get the chorizo from my local butcher and he makes it himself.

I use a silicon loaf pan for my quiche. Works great.

(Jane) #20

Tri tip roast sous vide at 135 F for 8 hrs. Then tossed on the grill to finish.


The “food porn” threads used to be epic around these parts. This one has some good quality entries too. FWIW, this morning was bacon and . . . sausage. That’s a lot of meat. Tonight will be eggs, chorizo, peppers & onions (sauteed), & pico de gallo on the side.