Fabulous February Keto Meals

(Jane) #22

I know, right? I miss the large number of posts from folks - some are very creative and gave me ideas and new recipes to try out.

(Jane) #23

I am in Houston for 2 weeks working a shutdown at a chemical plant. Easy to stay on track with mexican food, BBQ and burgers readily available. Just have to ditch the cars that come with them or order without.

I will go reduce the size of 2 pics and post.

(Jane) #24

Ok 1 pic. I forgot to take a pic of my Chipotle burrito bowl. Barbacoa, no rice, no beans, cheese, guacamole and salsa. Yummy.

Gringo’s Mexican. Fajita bowl with beef, cheese and onions. Side of guacamole. Subbed pork rinds for tortilla chips to dip in the guacamole. Also yummy.

I asked for meat salads every day since the site is providing lunch and that has worked well.

(Jane) #25

Got a burger from here (Burger Libre) and tossed the bun. Nice to see this!

They offer pork rinds as a sub for fries. This is in Houston.

(Jane) #26

I didn’t realize I posted on the Feb food porn thread from LAST YEAR :woman_facepalming:

Guess those 12-hr shifts were more tiring more than I thought :laughing:

And I don’t see a March (2024) thread. I guess the popularity has waned as the veterans around here get into a groove of the same meals in their rotation.