Extremely frugal Keto with a looot of fasting-any input?

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Hi all, first post (creeper here >:) also sorry, not sure if I’m posting to the right areas, let me know and I’ll edit as needed) and I need some input before I start working on this. Basically, I’m getting married and moving country in the guts of 9 months and I need to save save SAVE. Living in Dublin, its…been a challenge. Its incredibly expensive for rent and bills on their own, never mind adding fun/food/essentials on top of it. I’ve already cut my fun time out and pared down essentials as far as I can go, the next that gets the chop is my food-I need to cut a big chunk out of my eats to compensate.

Now, I’ve concocted a hair brained idea and I’d like some input on it before I embark. My budget is €50/$58 per month.
Sounds reasonable until I realise that my WEEKLY average comes in at around €30-and that’s not crazy luxurious. To make things work, I’m going to incorporate ADF for say 3 days a week. I have no problem fasting. To keep my protein and macros in order on eating days, I have a big old tub of coconut oil and some collagen. I plan on eating eggs(versatile), meat, cheese and cabbage. I will be relying heavily on coconut oil to keep my calories on the up. I figure if I hit my protein macro I’ll be A-OK!

How dumb/doable is this? Anybody have experience with it? Thanks for reading!

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Stacey –

Sardines – I shop around for them and often buy them in water rather than oil, then add my own oil. In the US you can get them for less than a dollar a tin. Then you can extend them by adding sour cream and or mayonnaise and mashing them together. You can add garlic + onions. Makes a tasty, cost effective fat bomb, or dip. Can do the same with kippers, but they seem to cost a bit more.

Good luck.

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Oh wow!! Found them for a whopping 0.49c a tin, along with delicious mackerel! I love your idea of combining with sour cream/mayo and garlic onions-actually craving that right now. Thank you so so much, I can definitely incorporate that idea in and have something to look forward to.


Im not in Dublin but my husband and I were talking about our food budget today and how to slash it.

Here are some of our thoughts if they help at all:

  1. Buy meat only if it is on sale or is very cheap cut. (We have a sous vide and a pressure cooker to make the cheap cuts taste fantastic)
  2. Check sales at multiple stores (time consuming but could save a lot of money)
  3. Create a staples menu and compare prices/sale prices (Example we always buy eggs and bacon so check out the prices in differing stores for staple items)
  4. Coupons
  5. Focus on multipurpose foods (eggs can be cooked a ton of ways, chicken can be chicken salad, chicken stir fry, chicken pizza base)

And totally love the sardine suggestion!


One more thought, if I had only $58 dollars a month and I wanted to ensure I was getting my protein properly I would probably make a spreadsheet of : food name, food cost, food weight, Carb/Fat/Protein and sort by food protein and cost to see how much food (protein) I can purchase at the lowest costs and the amount of protein required.


Eggs are 6 grams of protien
According to google, average woman needs 46 grams a day
I would need to eat 8 eggs per day.
This would cost me $2 dollars per day if buying organic x 30 days

Can of Sardines in Oil is 26 grams of protein
Consume 46 grams of protein per day
Would need to eat only 2 cans of sardines
This would cost the 0.49c x 2 cans x 30 days
Super cost effective.

And etcetera.

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Do you have some dollars stores like in the states? Not organic, grass fed, prjcey, but you can eat keto cheap. Consider a second job at a restaurant that feeds you.


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Thank you so so much for all the wonderful suggestions, it puts my mind at ease regarding protein to see it put so simply. It was my main concern and I can easily hit my min of 61g this way. You are very kind <3 Gonna work on a little spreadsheet now and see how I fair. I only WISH I had a sous vide but I do have a slow cooker and I found a good deal on lamb for stewing which I personally could eat forever and be happy!

(stacey) #8

We certainly do Karen, I can’t say I’ve seen food in there but then again that isn’t what I was looking for the last time I was in. I’ll have to go have a nose and see what I can see! The restaurant idea is genius-thank you!! Now lets hope the local steak house is hiring :smiling_imp:

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My situation is different because I’m cooking for a family, but I find making larger batches of stews and soups, and freezing portions to be a great timesaver and very economical.

If I know I have something in the freezer for dinner, I’m much less likely to want to pick up take away on the way home.

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In the US organ meats are very affordable (liver, heart, kidney, etc.) as are soup bones and trimmed fat - might have to ask a butcher for it. Hopefully the same is true in Ireland.

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Go to KetoConnect.com and find their blogs/videos about keto on a budget. Matt & Megha reinforced several ideas I’d already used, & I got a few new ideas from them. Plus, they are cute & entertaining!

ASK at all your local stores if they mark down daily, or just once-twice a week, then go on the morning they do markdowns. Get to know the workers & ask questions. They might start volunteering info that could save you a lot.


Make bone broth with all your leftover bones and carcasses. You can then have a few (almost free) meals of soup. Just add butter, cream, veg, protein whatever. I like mixing in a few mushrooms and an egg (it cooks in ribbons sort of) - I think I got that recipe from the old Atkins cookbook.


Pecans are not cheap though great flavor for reasonable fat.

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You might want to try making friends with a butcher. I know people who get great deals on “fatty” meat cuts that are seen as less desirable, plus organ meats, plus neck bones, feet, beef or pork fat that can be rendered, animal skin, and so on.


Move to a rooming house that everyone shares. Hey,… I’m not looking. :sunglasses:


Move to a rooming house that everyone shares the fridge.

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Definitely a great tactic, I will be making a tummy lamb stew this weekend and see how long it lasts me. Buying in bulk is certainly kind to the pocket in the long run!

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Ohhhh Karen, you angel! Thats right on the money!!! Thanks a mil!

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Haha, I think they have caught onto the wonders of liver-it can be pricy! However my dad picks me up lamb hearts (my ultimate favourite) every now and then. I might start threatening to come visit! Good shout on the bones too, time to go get friendly with a butcher