Extremely frugal Keto with a looot of fasting-any input?

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Thanks Candy! I love ketoconnect, they are too cute! I completely forgot about them for this situation (always associate them with their wild recipes) so that will be a fun rekindling this evening. Sounds like i have to turn on the charm on my next shopping trip! The clearance sectiom is always bone bare when i’m there.

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OOOOH the egg addition sounds amazing, I would never have thought!!! I’m doing some batch cooking as Maria suggested above so that is on my list. Cant wait to add in the egg, thank you!

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The price of pecans makes my heart hurt but gosh do I love them

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Its a great idea, have to get friendly with a butcher now! I’d be in heaven if i could get some hearts, bones and chicken/pig skin
Making myself hungry…

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Aha i already do-I love them but its war over space in the fridge/freezer!!

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Bone broth soup is so good and filling. I like to add a jalapeno here and there to make it more interesting.

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Hi Stacy!!

I feel you, Dublin is bloody expensive! When I lived there I was making my own jerky. I found the salty snack always cured my cravings. I was spending a fortune on the small packs though! I started buying bacon from Lidl and drying it myself! Let me know if you want any help with it

Allana Kim :slight_smile:

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How are you getting in Dublin Stacy? Did you find any reasonably priced food? I will send you some recipes if you like!

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Oh hey!! I missed your previous message, apologies. Dublin is ridiculous…its impossible to have a social life and responsibly budget. Sighhhhhh! Aldi and lidl have been absoloute life savers, my parents have been saving me delicious organ meats to take back when i visit( lamb hearts and chicken hearts ooomg) and they make sure to have some ribeye or sirloin and lots of fancy cheese for me when i come :slight_smile: So i have been fasting as much as i can with 48-72s…one 5 day but i cant work up the guts to do it again and one meal a day when i do eat.
Lots of frozen cauliflower, cabbage, butter, eggs, cheese, the biggest tun of coconut oil you will ever see, saving fat from my meats and tallow from the butcher. I picked up a lot of great info from this thread and got friendly with a butcher who keeps me some good fatty cuts and throws me a little extra! Its no harm to ask :slight_smile: if you had any recipes, i’d love to hear them! Thanks a mil!


Did that for YEARS in my late teens early 20’s… Worked out GREAT!

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I am very frugal (cheap) too. Here are some of the cheap foods that I make:
Lots of bone broth, I save all of my chicken bones in the freezer and when I have lots I’ll put them into the pot along with chicken feet that my local Walmart sells for .99 cents a pound. I also found a big bag of beef bone chunks at a oriental food market for .99 cents a pound and make beef bone broth as well.
I also sometimes can get as much free or next to free beef fat trimmings from local grocery stores. I can then render down the fat to get tallow to use for cooking. Its so easy to get because most people still consider saturated fat unhealthy, unfortunatly for them, good for us.
Ham Is also very cheap.it’s great boiled in a pot with cabbage. Or chopped up and mixed with mayonnaise and a little celerry and onion powder.

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Great idea.I had a variety of bones in my freezer once and decided to throw them all in a pot. I had chicken and beef bones and some ham hocks. I also added some veggies and pepercorns. I cooked it down for a couple of days, drained it and It turned to gelatin in the fridge. Was it good and plenty salty because of the smoked ham hocks.

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Love this discussion and the suggestions. I am terrible at eating on a budget but would like to improve in this area. My biggest tip is to try and use leftovers, so nothing gets wasted. So usually for lunch I look in the fridge and scrabble something together with whatever is there. I heard someone say that they save peelings and the tops and tails of veggies in a zip lock bag in the freezer for making stocks with - I thought that was a genius idea! The other thing is to buy veggies frozen - often much cheaper and less wasteful, and they are frozen quickly after picking usually so they have higher vitamin content than fresh! And tinned food can be incredibly good value, especially fish.

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I’ve been grating all the ends of veggies, salting them, let them sit for about 30 as the water is leached out. Squeeze the water off and mix with egg and spices. Or if I have a jar of anchovies, I chop and add a few of those as well. I form patties on parchment paper and bake. They keep in the fridge so well and are easy to stick in a ziplock bag for snack or lunch. And they are tasty cold. Nothing wasted!