Extreme sleepiness post meal



Day 9 Carnivore diet today and soon as I ate my first meal I passed out for 2 hours.

2141kcal 146P 159F

I have been doing OMAD on and off but still the better part of 10 years now so feeling sleepy after has always been normal although on carnivore it’s irresistibly sleepy. I also don’t fully do OMAD. I typically consume %75-90 of calories in my first meal then the rest shorty after. Also was already eating on the low carb side (150-250/day activity level dependent) and relatively lean %10 bodyfat very visible abs etc.

Typically I consume a small amount of beef liver every few days and I have continued that with carnivore. I feel excellent in many other ways besides this lethargy after consuming meals.

Anyone else experience this?


Not sure what might be triggering this for you, but the first thought that came to me reading your post, was maybe eating a large meal? Or maybe you were tired regardless of said meal? (Now, I know you mention some numbers too, but it doesn’t always tell much on meal size itself) … So I just wanted to mention this, since larger meals have been known to cause this effect. (Regardless of WOE) Though I myself have been told numerous times that I eat somewhat larger meals mostly, when I’m not doing full Carnivore, I’m usually 85% when I don’t. - Either way, still under 20c a day, be it all meats/mostly meat.

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Be sure you are eating enough. The various long-term carnivores who maintain Web sites all say that the solution to any problem early on in a carnivore diet is to eat more meat.


Yesterday was 1.4KG of beef 3 eggs and 130g cheese: 4,842kcal F 359.7 P306.

I doubt I am under eating. I am eating about 50% more calories per day on carnivore then I was eating my typical low carb diet.

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Could just be a weird day for you. So many things beside diet could be factors too. I would probably wait and see if there is a trend.


This has been the trend since day 3.

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I found there was a long adjustment period, even transitioning from 18 months of keto where I ate less than 20 grams of carbs every day. If you are coming from 150+ grams of carbs per day, down to just a few, there will be a large adjustment period for your body to get used to ketosis. Give yourself at least nine or ten weeks to get fat adapted.

My hormones really changed once I started in ketosis. This creates energy spikes and crashes in the beginning, among other things. Once fat adapted though, everything started to work out energy wise.

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There are some good guides online.

Kevin Stock talks about the adaptation to ketosis using the carnivore diet in the following pdf link.


There is also this site with really good zero carb information

There are some information links and videos in the carnivore video section as well


Essentially give it more time. 30 days minimal up to 90 days.


I had the same intense sleepy feeling (although I didn’t succumb to sleep) following meals when I started carnivore, particularly my first meal of the day.

It disappeared on its own. I can’t remember now how long it took, but it did disappear.


day 9 starting carnivore…Congrats!

You are perfectly normal. You easily can have extreme exhaustion like that thru adaption. Nothing wrong with a nap after eating a good meal, think of the lions, they eat their fill, and what do they do, go head under a tree in the shade and snooze :slight_smile: Plus you are very new, so your body is leeching out toxins, it is healing and changing and fatigue is a very normal sign. It is a common issue for many when starting zc.

My weirdo biggie was in month 7-8 and I was doing so fine and full of energy and I got extreme fatigue for about 2 wks. I couldn’t keep my eyes open all day long, I could barely function LOL All old timers on zc said keep eating well, nap all you can and power thru and boom, went to bed exhausted thinking this is starting to get very old and annoying lol and woke up the next day a whole new person. All fatigue gone…so you will see alot of people have this adjustment when starting carnivore so you are normal. Just soldier on and take your naps, and rest thru the day if you can as much as you can and get thru it. You will be fine, I promise :slight_smile:

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Definitely. Be patient and you will reap the rewards. I am still noticing small positive changes after two years of carnivore, and almost four years of ketosis.

Have a look at the links in my previous post, if you haven’t already. There are some great adaptation tips, information, and long term benefits for carnivore.

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I had the same thing happen when I first started carnivore. It frequently would happen after a big lunch of beef. It didn’t happen with other meats. That went away after a while. I don’t remember how long it took, but I don’t think it was that long, maybe a month or two.