Extended fasting while traveling


I’m currently going strong on an extended fast. I dtarted May 15th. The first 2 days I had coffee with cream. I have since dropped that and I am drinking only water and water with ultima. It’s not ideal as it has stevia in it but the electrolytes are critical to my feeling well.
Since I started i have had almost zero hunger. The first 4 days it was mental hunger but I fast regularly so I know how to push past that.
I gave dropped 11.6 pounds. Up half a pound overnight. I started some light weight lifting this week so that’s likely the reason. Tomorrow, I leave on a 6 day trip for training. I have a semi strategy mapped out in order to maintain my fast.

I’ll try to post here to keep myself accountable. If I feel the need to eat I’ll do so carefully as my refeed process is never pretty.


I leave today so last weigh in for 6 or 7 days. Down .9 pounds from yesterday. I’m doing light exercises to get back into exercise as I heal some alignment issues. Current plan is to contiue to fast during training while navigating the social aspects of the training event.


Made it through a long day of travel yesterday and a full day of training. I had no issues and shared that I was fasting. Everyone was supportive. I feel great. Wore a pair of pants that was very tight before my fast started 2 weeks ago. They were comfortable today. My waist is more defined, belly fat is stubborn though. Great energy, zero hunger. I feel fabulous.


Today is day 16. Yesterday went well. I drank 2 16 ounce cups of coffee during the day as I was very tired. This is at times an emotionally draining training. I had a few moments of likely positional hypotension. Not sure if it was related to the coffee or not. I had a little butter and a half tsp of salt. No additional problems. I woke up this morning feeling very dehydrated. I’ll make sure I drink more today. I have a break from training today. It will be interesting to see how I handle being around people eating while having little to occupy myself. I usually use my busy schedule to keep me from eating out of boredom. I have a self talk plan. Mantras include “there is nothing I need to eat that I have not eaten before.” “I can eat that after the fast.” I’m just bored, I am doing this for my health."

So far this has been an easy fast. Definitely feeling more comfortable in my body. Clothes feel and look better. I’m doing stretching and mild yoga as well as a plank every morning. I am only up to 1:10 but it’s better than doing nothing. My core strength definitely needs improvement. Onward to continued good health.


Day 17: Feeling good. I am drinking water with electrolytes, I had 1 coffee today, and taking salt crystals a couple of times during the day. I took in 1 tablespoon of butter, I just felt like I needed it despite my adequate fat stores. I felt better after taking it in. Not sure if it was needed or psychological.

Stretching and exercises for my back and hip when I woke up. I have no back pain for the first time in a few weeks.

Clothes are fitting comfortably but I don’t see any major changes. Not sure if the electrolytes are hindering progress. I’ll find out what the scale says when I get home Tuesday.
Periodically feel hungry but it lasts only a few minutes. People eating all around me during training does not have me tempted. I do occasionally think about wanting to eat but it is totally a mental “hunger” and not physical. It helps to remind myself of the importance of doing this for my health, hopefully deeper healing of my gut and autoimmune disease, heavy mental toxicity, as well as the other possible issues I am dealing with inflammation of the hypothalamus, and possible Lyme disease. I also remind myself that there is nothing I need to eat that I have not eaten in the past.

Tomorrow is my last full day here. I travel on Monday heading straight to work before I can get home. I twill weight myself on Tuesday morning when I wake up.


Day 18: 430+hours fasted. Made it through training with people eating around me. Only hunger is mental. I had 2 electrolyte packets today, salt, coffee, water, and 2 tbs of butter. I feel good. Stretches and back exercises.

Tomorrow I’m up at the crack of dawn and will be traveling all day and then headed to work in the late afternoon and evening. Wishing that I had scheduled a day or two off but, I’ll push through.

So far a good fast for me. No physical symptoms of concern. Boredom may be my worst enemy. Hoping to keep pushing through at a minimum of another 10 days. I would like to do another 6 weeks but not sure if boredom will become a problem. I like the fact that I am starting to look like myself again.


A very lomg travel day. Made it with only 1 electrolyte powder. Came home and hopped on the scale after 6 1/2 days and weighed the same as when I left. I’m pretty disappointed but I know fasting is weird. I have a feeling that the electrolytes are preventing weight loss because of the stevia. So, I’m cutting that out and see how I manage for the next several days-week.