Extended Fasting and Jowls

(Michael Wallace Ellwood) #1

One of the less attractive features that some of us develop as we get older is jowls.

As I’m one of these lucky victims, I’ve been wondering whether EF-ing might have any good effect on them (and hoping it doesn’t have a bad effect).
(Not that I’m vain, or anything).

Does anyone have any experience, positive or negative, to report?

Or know of any relevant research?

(If I notice any changes, in due course, I will report back, but there will be no photographs! :wink: ).

Many thanks!

(Doug) #2

It’s a roll of the dice. Some people, with extended fasting/autophagy, do apparently consume extra, unneeded skin, to the point that they don’t have any loose stuff even after very large weight losses. Some people seem to entirely miss this effect, and some have limited results, better than nothing but not great.

Overall, I think Dr. Fung maintains that fasting, rather than just ketogenic eating, gives one the chance for such success (because of autophagy). He’s said that he’s "never referred anybody for skin removal surgery.” Maybe he’s leaving himself some wiggle room, there?


Autophagy does shed a decade off but only when adipose tissue is low.

Vitamin A sufficiency.

(Michael Wallace Ellwood) #4

Thanks Doug. It seems that I may have to resign myself to looking like a bulldog, and being known as the jowler growler. :slight_smile: Curiously enough, I did use to fantasise about having been a dog in a previous life, although I had in mind something like a terrier, not a bulldog. Or a Border Collie sheepdog (but I’d never have enough energy for that job, not even on keto).

(Michael Wallace Ellwood) #5

Thank you Consistency.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #6

Fasting might very well help. Give it some time. There is a spectacular photo on the Intensive Dietary Management site of a guy after losing a lot of weight by fasting, with tons of loose skin everywhere, and then a later photo of him after some more fasting, with all the skin tightened up. Dr. Fung swears it was all fasting, no cosmetic surgery.

Not to say you will necessarily have that good a result, but there’s hope, eh? Don’t give up just yet.