Extended Fast: 35 days!

(Gaelan Holden) #1

Hello Ketogenic Community, I’ve been lurking these forums for some years now and have decided to embark on a 35 day fasting journey and breaking my fast on September 1st! I have experience with many 3 day fast and my longest fast was 7 days as planned. Admittedly I gorged on food last night but I feel extremely motivated to to accomplish my goals and test my discipline. My starting weight is 187, I’m a 6’1 male and my goal weight is 160. Am I allowed to post shirtless pictures along my journey here? I will be having black coffee, herbal teas, ACV, electrolytes, pink Himalayan salt, tyrosine, Creatine and pottassium.I considered Leucine but that seems to be a fast breaker however I am still unsure about how I should go about exercise as I frequent the gym regularly, I plan to start with hiking and just go off how I feel but am open to advice. I’m looking forward to this spiritual journey and finding a new purpose along the way.

(Polly) #2

Good luck. Interested to see how you get on.

(Robin) #3

Just my opinion but 160 sounds qty too low for your height.
Many people post before, during and after photos. But, you know, just keep it classy. :wink: You may want to start your own accountability thread for the journey.

(Bacon enough and time) #4

Your current weight is good for your height; your goal weight may not be attainable. What you probably really want is a shift in body composition: more muscle, denser, stronger bones, and less body fat. That is certainly achievable on a well-formulated ketogenic diet. So don’t focus overmuch on the number reported by your scale; pay the better part of your attention to the fit of your clothing.

As for posting pictures, we have a couple of sub-forums in the Progress forum, which are for posting before and after pictures. One of those is public, the other is locked to Internet searches, and you will have to wait a bit for it to become visible. (So post and read, and give likes where appropriate. The more you participate, the sooner the system will grant you privileges.) The Accountability sub-forum Robin mentioned is also part of the Progress forum, and it, too, is locked. Once the locked categories become visible to you, you will be free to post in them.

(Mike W.) #5

Hey there! Hoping for an update?

(Bob M) #6

35 days with hiking and going to the gym sounds like a lot. Now, when I fast multiple days, I don’t do anything. No exercise. And that’s a wimpy 4.5 day fast.