Experiment: Standing desk


(jketoscribe) #21

I was using a wooden crate to support my keyboard and my spiralizer box for the mouse until my standing desk came. They were a good height. LOL!

(jketoscribe) #22

So I’ve been using the standing desk just since Tuesday, and I have to say it’s starting to feel awkward to sit down!

I still get tired in the late afternoon and sit for a while, but I much prefer to stand.

And not having any more back pain EXCEPT when I’ve been sitting for an hour or more–getting up from sitting is painful.


IKEA makes an electronic adjustable-height desk for ~$500; my roommate has one and is pretty happy with it so far: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S59022528/

(Lauren Casapulla) #24

I’ve been using a Varidesk at work for 2 years and love it. Katy Bowman, biomechanist, has info on how to adapt to a standing desk. I usually stand & bebop around from 8am-11:30 before starting to alternate with standing.

(Zack F) #25

I’m blessed at work to have a desk that raises and lowers. I love it. During the day I stand most of the time but if I need to meet with someone at my desk I just lower it down. Presto! Highly recommend it!

(Keto in Katy) #26

Might be of interest…

(Ketopia Court Jester) #27

I’ve read that, too, but I’ll bet a sitting person on a keto diet is still healthier than a standing person on a regular one.

(Tom) #28

Costco has multiple types of standing or adjustable desks (or things like the Varidesk) available on their website. For poor students like myself, here are some ideas: 6 DIY Standing Desk Projects to Keep You Healthy While You Work

(Ketopia Court Jester) #29

That’s good stuff, Tom. My one caveat is that setting the monitor a little higher seems to help maintain posture if you’re a sloucher. I level the bottom of my screen with my chin instead of my forehead and it seems to work, especially when doing minute visual work like stitching together photographs for hours at a time.

(David Driver) #30

I have oonly had mine for a few days and I feel the same way. It does take me a bit more time to get into “flow” because it is easier to step away from the keyboard but I am sure that will come with practice.

(Shannon Woollett) #31

You still need to move around a lot! March in place is what I do as well as sit too! Standing in one spot for a long time has probs too… ie fainting!

(joe churchill ) #32

ikea has a great motorized desk that is very affordable when compared to other options

I stand most of the morning and sit late afternoon. it has been great!

(jketoscribe) #33

We saw another sit stand desk at IKEA for about $200. It has a hand crank, so you get an arm workout, too.

(Michael Wallace Ellwood) #34

Pictures? We want pictures! :wink:

(Gary Turner) #35

My neighbor recently built a standing desk with the usage of table lifts from Progressive Automation. Honestly, I don’t know what exactly he used, but it looks great. I will ask him to send pictures.
Here is some information on how to build a standing desk: https://www.progressiveautomations.com/building-automated-standing-desk-table-lift-set/

(Patty W) #36

On a separate, but related topic, I am also starting to incorporate this idea into crafting as well.
Rather than sitting at a table for hours when I sew/quilt, I’m experimenting with ways to position my sewing machine so I can stand while I sew (e.g using rolling cart, cutting table).

(jketoscribe) #37

I think it would be especially great for crafting because having an adjustable height would allow you to work ergonomically for a variety of tasks.

(David Driver) #38

I keep thinking about a workbench that will automatically raise and lower with a foot switch.

(Keto in Katy) #39

I pulled the trigger on this today, the Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk by Fully. I looked at a lot of reviews and this model consistently graded out very well. I’m looking forward to getting it set up and see how it goes. I went with the 60×30 size.

Breaking my fast
(Todd Allen) #40

Thanks to this thread I mocked up a standing desk test by putting a board across the arm rests of my chin up & dip exercise tower. And it is great. I spend too much time sitting with a computer. I tried setting an alarm timer to force me to get up periodically but not sitting down is better, at least when not doing really serious work. I’ve been seeking more ways to improve health and fitness and this was such an easy one that I’m embarrassed not to have thought to do this on my own. Hopefully, I’ll still be enthused after a few more days of use.