Experiment: Standing desk


(David Driver) #1

I have started with a standing desk this week. I am hoping that it will get some remedial work on my legs, abs and back. I was wondering if any body here had tried one and if they have any tips for long term success. One of the developers at the office started with one a month ago and he has very visible changes with his midsection. His thoughts are that adding this to his every day life is a way to add some exertion and you don’t have to go out of your way to do it.

Have any of you succeeded in adapting to a standing desk?

**sdepp**, a lean petite female doing keto for non-weight issues/optimal-health.. HELP PLEASE!
(matt ) #2

I use one. A gel mat is good for preventing achy joints. I also make a point to move around and sit down now and again. Try to avoid leaning on the desk when you can. You want to support your own weight.

(Keto in Katy) #3

I bought a StandStand (link below) a couple of years ago so I could have the option of standing for a while or sitting at my desk. I work from home and I’m at my computer a lot, so every morning I use this and stand for at least the first 2-3 hours of the day, often longer than that. I really like it because I don’t want to get out of bed and then just go sit in a chair for an extended period. I have too much energy for that so standing just feels better.

They have several different products that provide the standing option without having to go all-in on a raised desk if you don’t want to. I’m not affiliated with the company, they had a Kickstarter project a while back and I bought mine then. When I feel like sitting for a while I just put the thing under my desk.

TMI: I was having some minor constipation issues that resolved when I started using this. I drink a BPC and a big glass of water every morning, and I think that standing for a while has definitely helped.

(Michael Wallace Ellwood) #4

I heard of one guy who had a standing desk which incorporated a treadmill.
I think this was in a home office. I imagine it wouldn’t work in a shared office situation.

(David Driver) #5

I Like that stand and may pick one up for home if this continues to work out.


Actually, there are companies that have treadmills set up in the cubicle farm, for anyone who wants to hook up their laptop and walk/run while working. I worked for a company that had them. Mostly sat idle though after the first month or so of interest.

(meeroom16) #7

I use an Ergonomic Work fit, I really like it- I find that I concentrate better sitting down so I don’t use it as much as I should but it is nice to use when I remember.

(Keto in Katy) #8

I don’t know if you looked at their other products but they have larger ones now that will accommodate a mouse to the side and even a monitor stand. When I bought mine they just had that one small model to sit your laptop on, but it has been fine for me.

(Sam Perez) #9

We recently got sit/stand desks at work. Trying to alternate between sitting and standing every hour. Haven’t noticed any real changes but it hasn’t been long and I’m not tracking anything super diligently at the moment.

(jketoscribe) #10

I just got the one below this week. It’s bigger and sturdier than I expected but I find I am liking it very much. I seem to have better focus when I’m standing. The desk surface is large enough for my keyboard, a monitor, my telephone and either a pad of paper for writing or my mouse–I do have to switch the mouse and writing pad out depending on the task (I take telephone notes on paper). I may invest in a wireless headset for the phone so I can take notes by typing instead.

I’m just getting used to this, but so far I’m finding that I can stand almost all morning and into the early afternoon. Then I alternate sitting and standing as it gets later in the day.

I sublease my office space from an otherwise established office, and now the employees of my landlord all want standing desks. He is jokingly complaining that I “started a revolution”.

This is what I bought–I looked at less expensive ones but this seemed more sturdy and stable, and that is exactly what I’m finding.


(Joe Sullivan) #11

I’ve been using a Veridesk for almost a year now. I think the secret to success is to start slow. Switching between sitting and standing frequently throughout the day is helpful. Secondly, I’d recommend a good pair of shoes or a gel mat. One of the first issues I discovered was that my feet were hurting. I found this unusual since at the time I was running approximately 30 miles a week and thought standing wouldn’t be a problem.

Good luck!

(Ketopia Court Jester) #12

I built a custom standing desk in 2005 with a movable keyboard stand. The screen sits above on adjustable wall shelves. People keep offering me money for it. My kimono robes, too. I may be in the wrong business.


Kelly Starrett on standing desks:

(paddy0761) #14

I use one. I have just returned from 3 weeks holiday and was doing some catch-up today. I did 7 hours standing. I strongly recommend it.

(Jacquie) #15

He’s a neat knowledgeable guy. Love listening to him. :slight_smile:

(MakinBacon) #16

I want one, but work won’t pay for it. I’m a developer/sysadmin, and spend most of my day sitting. So I try to at least get up every hour and walk around. I may just buy one out of pocket or make one.

(Keto in Katy) #17

It’s a good investment in your health, imo. Too bad work won’t pay. Maybe if you found something lower priced they might reconsider?

(jketoscribe) #18

One of the people with whom I share office space pointed out to her boss that she was out of work for 8 hours of paid sick leave this week because of back pain and there’s nobody to pick up the slack in her work. Meanwhile, the standing desk I bought costs about 1/2 hour of her billable time.

Companies who refuse to come up with ergonomic work environments are very short-sighted. Worker’s comp claims are extremely expensive. My husband sustained a neck injury from trying to cradle the phone for hours on tech support and an ill-fitting desk when his former company got a new software system. I think that injury cost them about $100K (very little directly to my husband!) and that’s far more than a telephone headset, well fitting desk and chair would have cost them in the first place.

(Ketopia Court Jester) #19

I influenced several members of a friend’s office to start stacking books and boxes under their keyboards and monitors so they could try it out. It takes about a month for feet, legs, and back to get used to the new set up. That’s why I have a balance ball instead of a chair, I can move between the two positions at will and do exercises. Some days, you just gotta sit, others, you can’t stand to (pardon the pun).

Bring some boxes from home on Monday and see what happens.

Edit: Just got off the phone with my library because they have a super-cool, top of the line one that they can adjust between short and tall employees with a button. They said it’s $1500 but the company, Anthro, has a lot of other models to plagiarize…er…I mean get ideas from…

(David Driver) #20

I actually had a quarter of the IT staff helping me remove the hutch from my desk. The thing weighed a TON! But I bought my own. I would never expect the company to pay for an experiment. I would feel bad if it didn’t work out.